February 28, 1830, Devonshire, England.

December 1, 1904, Southgate, Middlesex, England.

Christopher was the son of Christopher Willing, alto and assistant gentleman at the Chapel Royal. At age eight, he entered the Westminster Abbey choir under James Turle. Even at this age he could play the organ and once, when Turle became ill, he walked down the nave past the congregation, climbed onto the organ stool and finished the service. He became deputy organist at age 14, and was often left in sole charge by Turle. In 1848, he was elected organist of the Foundling Hospital, staying there 31 years, though part of the time he held other offices as well, driving at full speed from one to another. One of his last appointments was organist at Hugh Haweis’ church in Westminster Place, Marylebone, not far from Charles Wesley’s London home. He compiled a collection of tunes, many of his own composition, and was involved with opera, as well. His works include:

  1. Alstone
  2. Melton