July 2, 1855, Brookline, Massachusetts.

May 6, 1915, Boston, Massachusetts.


Theodore was the son of Frederick J. B. Williams and Abbie Tufts, and husband of Velma Curtis.

He received degrees from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (AB 1876); Harvard Divinity School (BD 1882); and Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio (LittD 1911). He was pastor of the Unitarian Church in Winchester, Massachusetts (1882), and of All Souls, New York City (1883–96). He went on to serve as headmaster of Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York, until 1905, and headmaster of the Roxbury Latin School, Boston, Massachusetts (1907–09). His works include:

  1. As the Storm Retreating Leaves the Vales in Peace
  2. Glory Be to God on High
  3. Hast Thou Heard It, O My Brother
  4. I Long Did Roam Afar from Home
  5. In the Lonely Midnight
  6. Lord, Who Dost the Voices Bless
  7. My Country, to Thy Shore
  8. My Heart of Dust Was Made
  9. When Thy Heart, with Joy O’erflowing

Williams’ burial place