20th Century

We have little data on Williams, except that he was a minister.

  1. All Who Walk the Narrow Way
  2. Are You Now a Christian?
  3. Dear Mother Is Gone
  4. Don’t Idle Away All the Bright Sunny
  5. For Sinful Men the Savior
  6. God So Loved the World That He Gave His Son
  7. Gospel Is Ringing, The
  8. Grace Divine, Since Thou Didst Find Me
  9. I Am Now On the Road
  10. I Can Tell All Is Well
  11. I Have Loved Ones Gone to That Home On High
  12. I Was Vexed with Strife
  13. If You Are a Soldier of the Cross
  14. If You Have Any Flowers On My Grave to Bestow
  15. If You Want the World to Know
  16. If You Want to Fly
  17. I’m Spending My Days in Service and Praise
  18. It Won’t Be Long Till This Short Life Shall End
  19. Jesus Died for One and All
  20. Just Across the Sea Loved
  21. Lord from Sin Has Set Me Free, The
  22. Lord Is Beside Me Whatever, The
  23. My Savior Came to Earth a Child
  24. O I Miss My Mother Dear
  25. O It Grieves Our Heart
  26. O the Blood of Jesus Did So
  27. Oft You Have Heard How the King
  28. On the Shining Strand
  29. Once I Was Lost, Wretched and Sad
  30. Our Fathers and Mothers Have Crossed
  31. See the Waving Grain
  32. Since the Lord Has Saved My Soul
  33. There Are Many Little Children
  34. To Jesus I’m Clinging
  35. Way I’m On Leads Straight to Home, The
  36. When the Darkening Shadows