September 22, 1858, near Painesville Lake, Ohio.

July 1, 1937, Houghton, New York.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Houghton, New York.


Williams served as pastor of a Wesleyan Methodist church in Indiana, Pennsylvania; of the Willow Wesleyan Methodist Church in New York some time between 1890 and 1895; and in 1901 became a circuit riding preacher for the Pine Grove circuit, an uncommon position for a woman at the time. She served that circuit five years, preaching in the towns of Dixonville, Hillsdale, Rich Hill, and Spruce. She later helped Mary DePew conduct evangelism campaigns in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio (1882–85). She married W. Williams in May 1895, and continued to work as an evangelist. From 1900–20, she and her husband co-pastored Wesleyan churches in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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