Early 20th Century

Copyright records indicate Williams was living in Pritchett, Texas, in 1920.

  1. From Sin I’m Free, Christ Ransomed Me
  2. If the Light Has Gone Out
  3. If Your Pathway Is Dark and Dreary
  4. In Eden’s Bright and Happy Clime
  5. My Blessed Lord Will Call for Me
  6. Memories of Mother
  7. O We All Must Appear at the Judgment Seat
  8. Rejoice, Rejoice, in Christ the Living Lord
  9. Somewhere Beyond Death’s Silent River
  10. Songs of Praise We All Shall Sing
  11. Soul, When Burdened with a Load of Care
  12. Though Far Away Thy Soul Has Strayed
  13. What Rejoicing We Shall See
  14. When Your Work on Earth Is Done