January 27, 1856, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania.

January 11, 1955, McDonald, Pennsylvania.

Robinson Run Cemetery, McDonald, Pennsylvania.

Richard was the son of Thomas Wiley & Emily Taylor, & husband of Martha Stephens and Virginia O’Neil.

After attending public schools in Elizabeth, Wiley took a four year course through the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle. Washington and Jefferson College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, granted Wiley an honorary degree of Doctor of Literature in 1935.

Wiley managed a printing plant in Seattle, Washington (1913–27), but spent most of his career in newspapers. At one time, he was owner and editor of the Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, Herald. He continued to write for the paper after his retirement in 1949, and when he died, was believed to be the oldest active newspaper columnist in the United States.

Wiley’s works include:

  1. Come, and I Will Give You Rest
  2. Come Now
  3. For You and for Me
  4. He That Overcometh Is Promised in the Word
  5. Home Over Yonder
  6. Lead Me, Loving Father
  7. Lord, Accept Our Humble Praise
  8. My Presence Shall Go
  9. Shepherds Watching on the Plain
  10. To the Uttermost
  11. When Paul in Contrition
  1. Sugar Land

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