June 19, 1844, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England.

March 31, 1911, Brockley, London, England.

Brockley Cemetery, South East London, England.


Wigner was the second son of Baptist minister John Thomas Wigner. He was named after Dr. Murch, his father’s tutor and mentor in the early days of his ministry. John moved to Brockley (London SE) with his father, who founded the Baptist church there, one of several he established during his ministry.

Wigner married Ellen Turnbull on August 27, 1878. They had twelve children, of whom the first (Ernest) died in infancy. He earned degrees in both Arts and Science, and became a Senior Officer in the India Office, previously the East India Company.

One of Wigner’s legacies was a scale model of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, which he took to various missions on lecture tours around the United Kingdom. He had been about to do this in Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1911, when the illness that led to his death prevented him. The excellent Tabernacle scale model is now the property of his grandson, Howard John Wigner; he is seeking a suitable museum, seminary or university, to which he can donate this scale model, so that it can be seen by, and instruct, a wider audience. For information, contact him through mail@guyett.force9.co.uk.

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