Elizabeth Wiglesworth

August 22, 1827, Tottenham, Middlesex, England.

October 31, 1904, West Derby, Lancashire, England.

Daughter of Thomas Wiglesworth, Esther was, as of 1891, Matron of the Magdalen Asylum, Streatham, England. She wrote a number of small poetic works, and contributed numerous hymns and poems to periodicals. Her works include:

  1. Alleluia, Alleluia, Heaven and Earth Together Sing
  2. Almighty Father, God of Love
  3. Dear Children, Evermore
  4. Father, Look upon Thy Children
  5. Gentle Jesu, See Thy Children
  6. God Chooseth Out the Place
  7. God Sets a Still Small Voice
  8. Hail, Sweet Baby, Pure and Holy
  9. Hark, What Music Fills the Sky
  10. Holy Spirit, Blessed Dove
  11. How Beautiful Is Earth
  12. Little Children, Advent Bids You
  13. Little Children, Who Would Ever
  14. O Fount of Life and Beauty
  15. O Lamb of God, Most Holy
  16. Soldiers, True and Faithful
  17. Thou Who with Dying Lips
  18. Thrice Blessed Word of God
  19. We Are Little Christians
  20. We Are Little Pilgrims
  21. When We in Holy Worship
  22. Zion, Zion, Haste to Meet Him