Accepted Widdop

Oc­to­ber 21, 1750, Ovenden, Yorkshire, Eng­land.

March 9, 1801.

Illingworth churchyard, Halifax, Eng­land.

Son of Abram Widdop, Widdop lived in Ovenden, and was a wool comber by trade. He was called Accepted, the story goes, because he was the seventh and last child of a poor family, but would still be accepted by name and nature. He wrote many hymn tunes, which are still held in manuscript in the area. Several are in Houldsworth’s Chetham’s Psalmody, published throughout the 19th Cen­tu­ry in Halifax, and still commonly found in northern England, though no longer regularly used.

Widdop married Betty Airton in 1770, in St. John the Baptist Church in Halifax.

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