June 8, 1850, Paris, Ontario, Canada.

March 17, 1927, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

John was the son of David Albert White and Love Rand, and husband of Alice Maude Jane Beckett.

Educated at the University of Toronto, Whyte devoted himself to evangelistic and temperance work. Many of his songs appeared in separate editions published by the Toronto News Company or William Briggs in Toronto, Canada. His works include:

  1. Behold, the Bridegroom Comes
  2. Come Away to Jesus
  3. Come, Sinner, Behold What Jesus Hath Done
  4. Counted In
  5. I Will Tell It to Jesus My Lord
  6. Jesus Is Calling You Now
  7. Let Us Hear You Tell It
  8. They Crucified Him
  9. Was It for Me?
  10. Will You Come to Jesus?

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