June 8, 1850, Pa­ris, On­ta­rio, Ca­na­da.

March 17, 1927, To­ron­to, On­ta­rio, Ca­na­da.

Mount Plea­sant Ce­me­te­ry, To­ron­to, On­ta­rio, Ca­na­da.

John was the son of Da­vid Al­bert White and Love Rand, and hus­band of Al­ice Maude Jane Beck­ett.

Educated at the University of To­ron­to, Whyte devoted himself to evangelistic and temperance work. Many of his songs appeared in separate editions published by the To­ron­to News Com­pa­ny or Will­iam Briggs. His works in­clude:

  1. All Glory to Him Who Died on the Tree
  2. And My Lord They Crucified
  3. Behold, the Bride­groom Comes
  4. Boundless Mercy and Love unto Me
  5. Bright Morning Land
  6. Broken Hearts
  7. Call Is Clear, Sinner, The
  8. Carefully, Tearfully, Sinner Draw Nigh
  9. Came Angels from Paradise
  10. Come Away to Jesus
  11. Christ of Galilee
  12. Confessing Jesus
  13. Counted In
  14. Crimson Stream
  15. Following Jesus Wherever He Goes
  16. From the Dazzling Seats of Glory
  17. Gather in the Lost Ones
  18. Goodbye, Goodbye Till We Meet Again
  19. Going, Singing
  20. Hasten to Jesus
  21. He Came from the Heavenly Land
  22. He Came to Die for Me
  23. He Waits to Pardon You
  24. Help, Brothers, Help
  25. How Far Away Are the Gates of Death
  26. I Gave My Heart
  27. I Love to Sing of Christ, My Savior
  28. I Love to Sing of Jesus
  29. I Must Die, ’Tis but a Span
  30. I Sing of Him Whose Love I Know
  31. I Try to Get a Glimpse of That Fair Land
  32. I Will Give My Heart to Jesus
  33. I Will Tell It to Je­sus My Lord
  34. If Ever My Name Is Inscribed in the Book
  35. In This Bright and Happy Land
  36. Is There Some Precious Soul Who Is Weary Today
  37. It Was a Song of Jesus
  38. Jesus Calling Thee
  39. Jesus Calling You Home
  40. Jesus Christ, Thou Art the Way
  41. Jesus Died for Little Children
  42. Jesus, Fairest of the Fair
  43. Jesus, Hear My Humble Cry
  44. Jesus Is Calling You Now
  45. Jesus, Thou Art Mighty
  46. Jesus, Thou Art Still the Same
  47. Jesus Will Not Fail Me
  48. King’s Highway, The
  49. Let the Children Come to Jesus
  50. Let the Children Sing the Song
  51. Let Us Hear You Tell It
  52. Loving Savior Pleads Today, The
  53. Low at Thy Feet, O Lord
  54. Make Me Free
  55. Many the Conflict
  56. My Savior I’ll Praise
  57. None but Jesus Ever Knew
  58. O Jesus, Since That Dreadful Day
  59. O Tolling Bells
  60. O Wanderer Lost in the Darkness
  61. O Where Shall Rest for the Soul Be Found?
  62. O Wonderful Ransom
  63. O Where Will You Stand When the Judge Shall Descend?
  64. O Who, Who Could Help Me?
  65. O Why Should I Weep from Day to Day?
  66. Past the Bright Portals Are Angels Tonight
  67. Precious Blood, The
  68. Return, Poor Sinner
  69. Ring On, Sweet Bells
  70. Save Our Children
  71. Sinner, Are You Here Today?
  72. Sinner, Will You Choose the God?
  73. Sinner, You’re Breaking Thy Dear Savior’s Heart
  74. Someone Knocking, Someone Pleading
  75. Somewhere, Ah, Yes, Somewhere
  76. Tempter Comes with Guileful Art, The
  77. They Are Com­ing to the Sav­ior
  78. They Cru­ci­fied Him
  79. Thou Shepherd of Israel
  80. Toiler After Worldly Gain
  81. Trim Your Lamp
  82. Truth Is Everlasting, The
  83. Walking Alone in the Midst of My Foes
  84. Warning Cry, Like a Trumpet Blast, A
  85. Was It for Me?
  86. What Is Thy Life, as the Morning Mist
  87. When a Sinner Cries for Mercy
  88. When Jesus Calls, Shall I Not Hear?
  89. When Jesus Came to Earth
  90. Who Are the Ones That Wait and Weep
  91. Will He Not Come Back?
  92. Will You Come to Jesus?
  93. Would It Mean Anything to You?
  94. Ye Dying, Come
  95. Ye Ransomed of the Lord
  96. Years, the Years Drop from Our Life, The
  97. You Will Not Come in Vain
  1. Life of Christ

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