October 3, 1841, Austin, Texas.

February 8, 1917, Austin, Texas.

Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Texas.


Whitten was the daughter of William S. Hotchkiss and Nancy Puckett; she married twice, to Thomas Miller Bostick, and Aaron Hill Whitten.

She lived in Austin, Texas, all her life, except for a short period during the American civil war. Her works include:

  1. Christian Soldier, Don Thy Armor
  2. Full Many a Ship That Was Nobly Manned
  3. Gospel Railroad, The
  4. Holy Christmas Comes Again, The
  5. I Long, O My Savior and God
  6. Lord Is Risen, The
  7. Loudly Sounds the Thrilling Signal
  8. ’Tis Sweet, ’Tis Passing Sweet to Know
  9. With Stealthy Tread the Years Have Crept