January 7, 1829, Threapwood, Shropshire, England.

September 13, 1904, Croydon, London, England.

Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England.


Whitfield was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (BA 1859). After taking Holy Orders, he was successively Curate of Otley, Vicar of Kirby-Ravenscroft, senior Curate of Greenwich, and Vicar of St. John’s, Bexley. In 1875, he went to St. Mary’s, Hastings. Whitfield wrote over 30 prose and poetic works, including:

  1. I Have a Great High Priest Above
  2. I Need Thee, Precious Jesus
  3. I Saw the Cross of Jesus
  4. In Spirit, Lord, We Meet Thee Now
  5. Jesus, Thou Name of Magic Power
  6. O How I Love Jesus
  7. Sprinkled Blood Is Soaking, The
  8. There Is a Day I Long to See
  9. There’s Naught on Earth to Rest Upon
  10. When Dead in Sin and Far from God