Late 19th Century

We have little data on this author. Whitaker was her married name.

  1. Bless Us, We Pray
  2. Come, Whosoever Will
  3. Firmly We Will Stand
  4. Guide Us and Guard Us
  5. Hark, the Sabbath Bells
  6. Hear Ye Not the Savior Calling?
  7. I, Too, Will Lead You Forward
  8. In Heavenly Pastures
  9. Joy, Joy to the Nations
  10. Kind and Gentle Shepherd
  11. Lift Your Hearts in Adoration
  12. Lo! The Promised Day Is Breaking
  13. Lovely Children of the Graces
  14. Loyalty to Christ
  15. Mighty, Mighty Art Thou Ever
  16. Never Despair, O Brother
  17. O Father, in This Trial Hour
  18. O Happy Day of Peace and Love
  19. O Sad and Suffering World
  20. One More Year of Blessing
  21. Onward, Then, Ye Faithful
  22. Ring Out, Ring Out, Sweet Silver Bells
  23. Savior, We Come to Thee
  24. See the Gospel Army Moving
  25. Sweet Day of Sacred Rest
  26. There, Too, Our Power Shall Be
  27. ’Tis Thy Own Voice
  28. Trumpet Is Sounding, The
  29. Watching for the Master
  30. Where Trial with Its Fiery Darts
  31. Where’er in Reverent Quietude
  32. While Truth and God Inspire You
  33. Ye Who, Amid the Strife