November 6, 1865, South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England.

April 19, 1919, in his vicarage at Dodford, Worcestershire, England.

Dodford, Worcestershire, England.

Whinfield was educated at Magdalen College, Oxford (BA 1889, BMus 1890). He was ordained a deacon in 1890, and priest in 1891. He served as Curate of West Hackney (1890); Eastbourne (1891); and Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (1898); and founder and first Vicar of the parish of Dodford (near Bromsgrove). He published a collection of hymn tunes in 1902.

  1. Crowborough
  2. Holy Mount
  3. Universal Praise
  4. Upwick
  5. Worcester
  6. Wychbold

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