December 18, 1707, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England.

March 29, 1788, London, England.

St. Marylebone Parish Church, London.


Wesley wrote over 6,000 hymns; as with most hymnists, his works were frequently altered. In the preface to the 1779 Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People called Methodists, his brother John wrote:

I beg leave to mention a thought which has been long upon my mind, and which I should long ago have inserted in the public papers, had I not been unwilling to stir up a nest of hornets. Many gentlemen have done my brother and me (though without naming us) the honour to reprint many of our hymns. Now they are perfectly welcome to do so, provided they print them just as they are. But I desire they would not attempt to mend them, for they are really not able. None of them is able to mend either the sense or the verse. Therefore, I must beg of them these two favours: either to let them stand just as they are, to take things for better or worse, or to add the true reading in the margin, or at the bottom of the page, that we may no longer be accountable either for the nonsense or for the doggerel of other men.

In addition to hymn writing, Charles & John founded the movement which became the Methodist denomination.

  1. Ah, My Dear Loving Lord
  2. Ah! Whither Should I Go?
  3. All Glory to God
  4. All Glory to God in the Sky
  5. All Glory to Our Gracious Lord
  6. All Things Are Possible
  7. All Wise, All Good, Almighty Lord
  8. All Praise to Him Who Dwells in Bliss
  9. All Praise to Our Redeeming Lord
  10. All Ye That Pass By
  11. All Ye That Seek the Lord Who Died
  12. Ambassadors of God
  13. And Am I Born to Die?
  14. And Am I Only Born to Die?
  15. And Are We Yet Alive?
  16. And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
  17. And Let Our Bodies Part
  18. And Let This Feeble Body Fail
  19. And Must I Be to Judgment Brought?
  20. Angels Speak, Let Men Give Ear
  21. Angels Your March Oppose
  22. Arise, My Soul, Arise
  23. Arm of the Lord, Awake, Awake!
  24. Author of Faith, Eternal Word
  25. Author of Faith, We Seek Thy Face
  26. Awake, Jerusalem, Awake!
  27. Away, My Unbelieving Fear!
  28. Away with Our Fears!
  29. Away with Our Fears
  30. Away with Our Sorrow and Fear
  31. Be It My Only Wisdom Here
  32. Be Merciful, O God, to Me
  33. Because Thou Hast Said
  34. Behold, How Good a Thing
  35. Behold the Servant of the Lord
  36. Being of Beings
  37. Blest Be Our Everlasting Lord
  38. Blest Be the Dear Uniting Love
  39. Blow Ye the Trumpet, Blow
  40. Book—Let All Bow Down and Read, The
  41. Branch of Jesse’s Stem, Arise
  42. Break Forth into Praise
  43. Brethren in Christ, and Well Beloved
  44. By Faith We Find the Place Above
  45. Captain of Israel’s Host
  46. Captain of My Salvation, Hear!
  47. Celebrate Immanuel’s Name
  48. Center of Our Hopes Thou Art
  49. Charge to Keep I Have, A
  50. Christ from Whom All Blessings Flow
  51. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
  52. Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies
  53. Clap Your Hands, Ye People All
  54. Come, and Let Us Sweetly Join
  55. Come Away to the Skies
  56. Come, Divine Interpreter
  57. Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
  58. Come, Holy Ghost, All-Quickening Fire
  59. Come, Holy Ghost, Our Hearts Inspire
  60. Come, Let Us Anew Our Journey Pursue
  61. Come, Let Us Ascend
  62. Come, Let Us Join Our Friends Above
  63. Come, Let Us Rise with Christ
  64. Come, Let Us Use the Grace Divine
  65. Come, Let Us Who in Christ Believe
  66. Come, O My Soul, the Call Obey
  67. Come, O Thou All Victorious Lord
  68. Come, O Thou Traveler Unknown
  69. Come On, My Partners in Distress
  70. Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast
  71. Come Then, Thou Prophet of the Lord
  72. Come, Thou Almighty King
  73. Come, Thou Conqueror of the Nations
  74. Come, Thou Everlasting Spirit
  75. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus
    • Come, O Savior, Long Expected
    • Come, Thou Savior, Long Expected
    • Hail, Thou Long Expected Jesus
  76. Come, Thou Omniscient Son of Man
  77. Come, Thou Universal Blessing
  78. Come to Judgment
  79. Come, Wisdom, Power, and Grace Divine
  80. Come Ye That Seek the Lord
  81. Come, Ye Weary Sinners, Come
  82. Day, the Gospel Day Draws Near, The
  83. Depth of Mercy
  84. Earth with All Her Fullness Owns, The
  85. Enslaved to Sense, to Pleasure Prone
  86. Eternal Beam of Light Divine
  87. Eternal Son, Eternal Love
  88. Eternal Spirit, Come
  89. Eternal Sun of Righteousness
  90. Father, Glorify Thy Son
  91. Father, God, We Glorify
  92. Father, I Stretch My Hands to Thee
  93. Father, if Thou My Father Art
  94. Father, in Whom We Live
  95. Father of All, Whose Powerful Voice
  96. Father of Everlasting Grace
  97. Father of Faithful Abraham
  98. Father of Jesus Christ, My Lord
  99. Father of Me, and All Mankind
  100. Father of Omnipresent Grace
  101. Father, Our Hearts We Lift
  102. Father, Son and Holy Ghost
  103. Father, Son, and Spirit, Hear
  104. Father, Whose Everlasting Love
  105. Favor and Peace on Earth
  106. Fiery Trial, The
  107. For One Imprisoned for Righteousness’ Sake
  108. For Sion’s Sake I Will Not Cease
  109. Forever Here My Rest Shall Be
  110. Forth in Thy Name, O Lord
  111. Fountain of All the Good We See
  112. Full of Providential Love
  113. Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild
    • Holy Jesus, Savior Mild
    • Loving Jesus, Gentle Lamb
  114. Give Me a New, a Perfect Heart
  115. Give Me the Enlarged Desire
  116. Give Me the Faith Which Can Remove
  117. Giver of Concord, Prince of Peace
  118. Glorious God, Accept a Heart
  119. Glory Be to God on High (1)
  120. Glory Be to God on High (2)
  121. Glory to God, Whose Sovereign Grace
  122. God Is Gone Up on High
  123. God of All Power and Truth and Grace
  124. God of Love That Hear’st the Prayer
  125. God of My Life, Whose Gracious Power
  126. God Only Wise, and Great, and Strong
  127. Good Thou Art, and Good Thou Dost
  128. Granted Is the Savior’s Prayer
  129. Great Archangel’s Trump, The
  130. Great God! To Me the Sight Afford
  131. Great Is Our Redeeming Lord
  132. Hail, Co-Essential Three
  133. Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise
  134. Happy Magdalene, to Whom
  135. Happy Soul, That, Free from Harms
  136. Happy Soul, Thy Days Are Ended
  137. Happy the Man That Finds the Grace
  138. Happy the Souls That First Believed
  139. Happy the Souls to Jesus Joined
  140. Hark! A Voice Divides the Sky
  141. Hark, How the Watchmen Cry
  142. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing
  143. He Comes! He Comes! the Judge Severe!
  144. He Wills That I Should Holy Be
  145. Head of Thy Church Triumphant
  146. Head of Thy Church, Whose Spirit Fills
  147. Hearken to the Solemn Voice
  148. Hearts of Stone, Relent, Relent
  149. Heavenly Father, Sovereign Lord
  150. Help, Lord! The Busy Foe
    • The Praying Spirit Breathe
  151. Ho! Every One That Thirsts, Draw Nigh
  152. Holy as Thou, O Lord, Is None
  153. Holy, Holy, Lord
  154. Holy Lamb, Who Thee Confess
  155. Hosanna in the Highest
  156. How Can a Sinner Know?
  157. How Dreadful Is the Place
  158. How Glorious Is the Life Above
  159. How Good and Pleasant ’Tis to See
  160. How Happy Are the Little Flock
  161. How Happy Are We
  162. How Happy Every Child of Grace
  163. How Happy Are Thy Servants, Lord
  164. How Lovely Are Thy Tents, O Lord!
  165. How Many Pass the Guilty Night
  166. Hymn for Midnight, A
  167. I Call the World’s Redeemer Mine
  168. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  169. I the Good Fight Have Fought
  170. I Want a Principle Within
  171. If Death My Friend and Me Divide
  172. In Age and Feebleness Extreme
  173. In Every Time and Place
  174. Infinite God, to Thee We Raise
  175. Infinite, Unexhausted Love!
  176. Inspirer of the Ancient Seers
  177. Jehovah, God the Father, Bless
  178. Jesu, Show Us Thy Salvation
  179. Jesu, the Growing Work Is Thine
  180. Jesu, Thou All Redeeming Lord
  181. Jesu, to Thee Our Hearts We Lift
  182. Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
  183. Jesus, Faithful to His Word
  184. Jesus, from Thy Servants Taken
  185. Jesus, from Whom All Blessings Flow
  186. Jesus, Great Shepherd of the Sheep
  187. Jesus Is Our Common Lord
  188. Jesus, Let All Thy Lovers Shine
  189. Jesus, Let Thy Pitying Eye
  190. Jesus, Lord, We Look to Thee
  191. Jesus, Lover of My Soul
  192. Jesus, My Advocate Above
  193. Jesus, My Savior, Brother, Friend
  194. Jesus, My Strength, My Hope
  195. Jesus, My Truth, My Way
  196. Jesus, Soft, Harmonious Name
  197. Jesus, the All-Restoring Word
  198. Jesus the Conqueror Reigns
  199. Jesus! The Name High over All
  200. Jesus, the Rising Lord of All
  201. Jesus, the Sinner’s Friend
  202. Jesus, the Truth and Power Divine
  203. Jesus, Thine All Victorious Love
  204. Jesus, Thou Soul of All Our Joys
  205. Jesus, Thou Sovereign Lord of All
  206. Jesus, Thy Saving Name I Bless
  207. Jesus, United by Thy Grace
  208. Jesus, We Look to Thee
  209. Jesus, We on the Word Depend
  210. Join All Ye Joyful Nations
  211. Join, All Ye Ransomed Sons of Grace
  212. Lamb of God, Whose Bleeding Love
  213. Leader of Faithful Souls
  214. Let All Adore the Immortal King
  215. Let All That Breathe, Jehovah Praise
  216. Let Angels and Archangels Sing
  217. Let Earth and Heaven Combine
  218. Let Every Tongue My Savior Praise
  219. Let God Arise, and Let His Foes
  220. Let Him to Whom We Now Belong
  221. Let Not the Wise His Wisdom Boast
  222. Let Saints on Earth in Concert Sing
  223. Let the World Their Virtue Boast
  224. Let Us Plead for Faith Alone
  225. Lift Your Heads
  226. Lift Up Your Hearts to Things Above
  227. Light of Life, Seraphic Fire
  228. Light of Those Whose Dreary Dwelling
  229. Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
  230. Long Have I Seemed to Serve Thee, Lord
    • Still for Thy Loving-Kindness, Lord
  231. Lord, I Believe a Rest Remains
  232. Lord, I Believe Thy Work of Grace
  233. Lord, in the Strength of Grace
  234. Lord of Earth and Sky, The
  235. Lord of the Harvest, Hear
  236. Lord Over All, If Thou Hast Made
  237. Lord, Whom Winds and Waves Obey
  238. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
  239. Lovers of Pleasure More Than God
  240. Maker, Savior of Mankind
  241. Meet and Right It Is to Sing
  242. Messiah, Full of Grace
  243. Messiah, Prince of Peace
  244. Modern Christianity
  245. My God, I Am Thine
  246. My God, I Know, I Feel Thee Mine
  247. My God, My Strength, My Hope
  248. My Heart Is Full of Christ
  249. My Soul, Inspired with Sacred Love
  250. None Is Like Jerushun’s God
  251. O Astonishing Grace, That the Reprobate Race
  252. O Come and Dwell in Me
  253. O for a Heart to Praise My God
  254. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  255. O for That Tenderness of Heart
  256. O God, Most Merciful and True
  257. O God of Our Forefathers, Hear
  258. O God, Thy Righteousness We Own
  259. O How Happy Are They Who the Savior Obey
  260. O Jesus, My Hope
  261. O Jesus Our Head
  262. O Jesus, Our King
  263. O Lord, Incline Thy Gracious Ear
  264. O the Blood, the Precious Blood
  265. O Love, Divine, How Sweet Thou Art
  266. O Love Divine, What Hast Thou Done
  267. O Mercy Divine, O Couldst Thou Incline
  268. O That I Could, in Every Place
  269. O That I Could Repent
  270. O That My Load of Sin Were Gone!
  271. O the Depth of Love Divine
  272. O Thou Eternal Victim Slain
  273. O Thou, Our Husband, Brother, Friend
  274. O Thou Who at Thy Creature’s Bar
    • Lord of the Church, We Humbly Pray
    • Servants of Christ, His Truth Who Know
    • Thou Jesus, Thou My Breast Inspire
    • Thy Power and Saving Truth to Show
  275. O Thou Who Camest from Above
  276. O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore
  277. O Thou Whose Offering on the Tree
  278. O What Shall I Do, My Savior to Praise
  279. Object of All Our Knowledge Here
  280. Omnipotent Lord, My Savior and King
  281. Our Earth We Now Lament to See
  282. Our Friendship Sanctify and Guide
  283. Our Lord Is Risen from the Dead
  284. Peace, Doubting Heart!
  285. Praise the Lord Who Reigns Above
  286. Prisoners of Hope, Arise
  287. Rejoice for a Brother Deceased
  288. Rejoice in Jesu’s Birth
  289. Rejoice, Rejoice, Ye Fallen Race
  290. Rejoice, the Lord Is King
  291. Resignation, The
    • And Can I Yet Delay?
  292. Righteous God! Whose Vengeful Phials
  293. Rise, All Who Seek the Crucified
  294. Savior, and Can It Be
  295. Savior, Prince of Israel’s Race
  296. Savior, Who Ready Art to Hear
  297. Savior, Whom Our Hearts Adore
  298. Saw Ye Not the Cloud Arise?
  299. See How Great a Flame Aspires
  300. See, Jesus, Thy Disciples See
  301. See, Sinners, in the Gospel Glass
  302. Servant of God, and Son of Man
  303. Set Forth Before Our Eyes
  304. Shepherd Divine, Our Wants Relieve
  305. Shepherd of Souls, with Pitying Eye
  306. Sing to the Great Jehovah’s Praise
  307. Sing, Ye Ransomed Nations, Sing
  308. Sinners, Believe the Gospel Word
  309. Sinners, Dismiss Your Fear
  310. Sinners, Obey the Gospel Word
  311. Sinners, Rejoice: Your Peace Is Made
  312. Sinners, Turn: Why Will You Die?
  313. Sinners, Your Hearts Lift Up
  314. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
  315. Son of the Carpenter, Receive
  316. Sons of Men, Behold from Far
  317. Spirit of Faith, Come Down
  318. Stand the Omnipotent Decree
  319. Stay, Thou Insulted Spirit, Stay
  320. Stupendous Mystery!
  321. Surrounded by a Host of Foes
  322. Take My Heart, O Father!
  323. Taking of Jericho, The
  324. Talk with Us Lord, Thyself Reveal
  325. Terrible Thought! Shall I Alone
  326. Thee, Jesu, Thee the Sinner’s Friend
  327. This Is Thy Will, I Know
  328. Thou God of Glorious Majesty
    • Lo! On a Narrow Neck of Land
  329. Thou God of Truth and Love
  330. Thou Great Mysterious God Unknown
  331. Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose
  332. Thou Judge of Quick and Dead
  333. Thou Shepherd of Israel, and Mine
  334. Thou Son of God, Whose Flaming Eyes
  335. Thou, the Great, Eternal God
  336. Thousand Oracles Divine, A
  337. Thy Ceaseless, Unexhausted Love
  338. Thy Faithfulness, Lord, Each Moment We Find
  339. ’Tis Finished! The Messiah Dies
  340. To the Hills I Lift Mine Eyes
  341. To Us a Child of Royal Birth
  342. To Whom in Peril and Distress
  343. Tremendous God, with Humble Fear
  344. True Witness of the Father’s Love
  345. Try Us, O God
  346. Vain, Delusive World, Adieu
  347. Victim Divine, Thy Grace We Claim
  348. Watched by the World’s Malignant Eye
  349. Weary of Wandering from My God
  350. Weary Souls That Wander Wide
  351. What Am I, O Thou Glorious God!
  352. What Angel Can the Grace Explain
  353. What Is Our Calling’s Glorious Hope?
  354. What Shall I Do, My God to Love?
  355. What Shall I Render to My God?
  356. When, Gracious Lord, When Shall It Be?
  357. When Quiet in My House I Sit
  358. Where Is the Holy Heav’n-Born Child?
  359. Where Shall My Wondering Soul Begin?
  360. Where Shall True Believers Go?
  361. Wherewith, O Lord, Shall I Draw Near?
  362. Whether the Word Be Preached or Read
  363. What Are These Arrayed in White?
  364. Who Are These That Come from Far?
  365. Who in the Lord Confide
  366. Who of the Great, or Wise
  367. Whom Jesus’ Blood Doth Sanctify
  368. Wisdom Ascribe, and Might and Praise
  369. With Glorious Clouds Encompassed Round
  370. With Solemn Faith We Offer Up
  371. Woe to the Men on Earth Who Dwell
  372. Worship, and Thanks, and Blessing
  373. Would Jesus Have the Sinner Die?
  374. Ye Heavenly Choir
  375. Ye Men of Israel, Hear
  376. Ye Neighbors and Friends of Jesus
  377. Ye Ransomed Sinners, Hear
  378. Ye Servants of God
  379. Ye Simple Men of Hearts Sincere
  380. Ye That Pass By, Behold the Man
  381. Ye Thirsty for God
  382. Ye Virgin Souls, Arise
  383. Ye Waiting Souls, Arise
  384. Young Men and Maidens, Raise