19th Century

May 31, 1835, Reading, Massachusetts.

August 7, 1895, Concord, Massachusetts.

Possibly in Laurel Hill Cemetery, Reading, Massachusetts.

Rebecca’s parents were James B. Weston and Rebecca Baldwin Weston. The family moved to Boston in 1836–37, where Rebecca grew up. She attended the Johnson Grammar School, and in 1850, at age 15, received awarded a City Medal for scholarship. From 1853–55 she attended Mt. Holyoke Female Seminary, though she does not seem to have graduated. She taught in the Boston Schools for 18 years, then became involved with the budding Kindergarten movement.

  1. Father, We Thank Thee
    • Señor, Te Rindo Gratitud por Mi Tranquilo Reposar
    • Vater, Wir Danken Dir für die Nacht