Werdebaugh stu­died pi­a­no as a child and con­tin­ued stu­dy­ing pi­a­no and pipe or­gan at the Whea­ton Col­lege Con­serv­a­to­ry of Mu­sic. He re­ceived a BA in Bib­li­cal Studies and Chris­tian Ed­u­ca­tion from Whea­ton Col­lege, and a MA from Whea­ton Grad­u­ate School in the area of Chris­tian Lead­er­ship, con­cen­trat­ing in Chris­tian Min­is­tries, In­ter­per­son­al Com­mun­i­ca­tions, and Mis­sions (Cross-Cul­tur­al Com­mun­i­ca­tions) with an His­pan­ic em­pha­sis.

Werdebaugh has served church­es as Ass­ist­ant Pas­tor, Lay Pas­tor, Preach­ing Wor­ship Di­rec­tor, Choir Di­rec­tor, Di­rec­tor of Mis­sions and Out­reach, or­gan­ist, pi­an­ist, key­board­ist and teach­er. He has served in the mu­sic min­is­try and, as of 2017, has sung in the choir at Sa­lem First Church of the Na­za­rene, Sa­lem, Or­e­gon, for over 16 years.

He is a Mem­ber-at-Large Emer­i­tus with and is a past Dean of the Sa­lem, Or­e­gon, Chap­ter of the Amer­i­can Guild of Or­gan­ists.

His works inc­lude:

  1. Alleluia! Al­le­luia! Al­le­luia!
  2. As for Me and My House
  3. At the Name of Je­sus
  4. Christmas Prais­es
  5. Come Away with Je­sus
  6. Come, Holy Spir­it
  7. Come, Lord Je­sus, Come
  8. Drawn to You
  9. Easter Joy
  10. Father’s Pray­er, A
  11. For God So Loved
  12. For Such a Time as This
  13. Golden Rule Song
  14. He Shall Live
  15. Holy Is the Lord!
  16. Holy Sac­ri­fice
  17. Hope of Glo­ry
  18. Hymn of Thanks­giv­ing
  19. I Was Glad
  20. It’s a Won­der­ful Life
  21. Jesus, Your Name
  22. Lamb of God
  23. Lord, Show Me What It Means
  24. Lord, We Have Come to Wor­ship You
  25. Lord, You Alone Are Wor­thy!
  26. Messianic Praise Song
  27. New Heart, A
  28. O God, Our Light
  29. O Lord, Des­cend
  30. One Spe­cial Night
  31. Peace for the Val­ley
  32. Sov’reign God, to You Alone
  33. Sovereign Lord
  34. To You, Ho­ly Lord
  35. We Bless Thee for Thy Peace
  36. We Have Come to Wor­ship You, O Lord
  37. Whom Have I in Hea­ven but You?
  38. Worship Hymn, A
  39. Worship Song
  40. You Alone
  1. Advent Gos­pel
  2. Advent Peace
  3. All Hail the Pow­er
  4. Amazing Love
  5. At the End of Life’s Road
  6. Atoning Sac­ri­fice
  7. Bucharest
  8. Behold the Bride­groom
  9. Behold the Man
  10. Cáceres
  11. Call to Mis­sions–Ma­ce­don­ia
  12. Celestial Ad­o­ra­tion
  13. Chamorro
  14. Child in the Man­ger
  15. Christmas Chimes
  16. Colonel Hill
  17. Come to Me
  18. Comfort Ye My Peo­ple
  19. Descend on Me
  20. Divine De­pend­ence
  21. Divine Her­i­tage
  22. Elevation
  23. Exalt the King
  24. Glorious Peace
  25. God Moves
  26. Gracious Spir­it
  27. Heaven’s Re­source
  28. Holy Sac­ri­fice
  29. India Ba­sin
  30. It Is Well with My Soul
  31. Jesus Is the On­ly Way
  32. Joyful Bells
  33. King of Glo­ry and Peace
  34. King of Kings
  35. Lament ov­er Di­vine Judg­ment
  36. Last Days Plea
  37. Lord’s Park
  38. Love So Am­az­ing
  39. Macedonia
  40. Marcho di Rèi (har­mon­iz­er)
  41. Master’s Praise
  42. Miracle from Hea­ven
  43. N. Bar­ring­ton
  44. Never Alone
  45. O Lord, Des­cend
  46. Old Pal­a­tine
  47. Our Of­fer­ings
  48. Precious Peace
  49. Pure Zeal
  50. Quickly Com­ing
  51. Resting in Je­sus’ Arms
  52. Rockford
  53. Rockingham
  54. Safe Pas­sage
  55. Salvation’s Plan
  56. Sangerhausen
  57. Silent Rev­er­ence
  58. Silent Wor­ship
  59. Sing Prais­es
  60. Sov’reign God
  61. Speak, Lord
  62. Totally Sur­rend­ered
  63. Triune Ad­o­ra­tion
  64. Trust and Obey
  65. Upheld by Hope
  66. Victory Through Grace
  67. We Bless Thee
  68. We Have Come
  69. Worthy Alone
  70. Worthy Is the Lamb!