October 2, 1817, Lidköping, Sweden.

August 24, 1901, Läckö Castle, Sweden.

Odensvi, Småland, Sweden.


Son of a rector, in 1837 Wennerberg became a student in Uppsala, where he studied classical language, philosophy and aesthetics. He participated eagerly in the student life, and at this time he wrote the words and the music to Gluntarna, a description of the romantic student traditions in Uppsala in the 1840’s. After a period of illness and a spiritual crisis, he came to Christ. He composed music to the Psalms, and for some of Lina Sandell’s hymns. From 1870–75 and 1888–91, he was Sweden’s Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs. From 1875–88 he was the political leader of Kronborg. When he lived in Uppsala (1882–86) he also was a governor for Prince Oscar and Prince Carl.

  1. Herre Utransaka Mig
  2. Tilkomme Ditt Rike
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