1590, Domnau, Prussia (now Domnovo, Russia).

August 1, 1635, Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia).

Georg was the son of Johann Weissel, judge and later Bürgermeister at Domnau. Georg studied at the University of Königsberg (1608–11), then for short periods at Wittenberg, Leipzig, Jena, Strassburg, Basel, and Marburg. In 1614, he was appointed rector of the school at Friedland (now Pravdinsk, Russia), but resigned this post after three years and returned to Königsberg to resume his studies in theology. Finally, in 1623, he became pastor of the newly built Altrossgart church in Königsberg, where he stayed the rest of his life.

  1. Im finstern Stall, O Wunder groß
  2. Macht hoch die Thür
    • Behold, He Cometh from Afar
    • Behold, One Cometh from Afar
    • Fling Wide the Door
    • Fling Wide the Portals of Your Heart
    • Lift Up, Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Gates
    • Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates
    • Mighty Gates of Earth Unbar, The
    • O Blest the Souls, for Ever Blest
    • O Hallowed Is the Land and Blest
  3. Such’, wer da will, ein ander Ziel
    • Seek Where Ye May to Find a Way
  4. Wo ist dein Stachel nun, o Tod?
    • O Death! Where Is Thy Cruel Sting?