March 29, 1847, Mid­dle­port, Ohio. Since Scott was not a fam­i­ly name, it seems like­ly Weed­en was named af­ter Amer­i­can Gen­er­al Win­field Scott, who was fight­ing the Mex­ican-Amer­i­can War at the time of Weeden’s birth.

Ju­ly 31, 1908, Bis­by Lake, New York.

Wood­lawn Ce­me­tery, New York Ci­ty. His tomb­stone bears the ti­tle of his song: I Sur­ren­der All.


Winfield was the son of Isaac Wee­den and Sar­ah Farr.

He was con­vert­ed as a young adult, and mar­ried at age 21. He taught in sing­ing schools for sev­er­al years, and en­tered the evan­gel­ism field around 1889, mak­ing use of his sing­ing gift to lead mu­sic at YMCA, Chris­tian En­dea­vor and Ep­worth League con­ven­tions.

He spent the end of his life in New York Ci­ty, where he owned the Wi­no­na Ho­tel at 10 East 9th Street. His works in­clude:

  1. Abbey Wood
  2. Come This Way
  3. Golden Deed
  4. Good Time Com­ing, The
  5. Hannah
  6. He Saves Me
  7. Nairobi
  8. I Sur­ren­der All
  9. Jesus All the Way
  10. Singapore
  11. Sunlight

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