April 25, 1866, Fort Ann, New York.

October 1, 1942, Essex, New York.

Bolton Landing, New York.


Son of a Baptist minister, Webster attended school at Saxon’s River Academy. His first pastorate after ordination was in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Of his over 50 years of service as a minister, over 30 were spent in non-denominational settings, often in combined churches with Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist members. In later years, Webster was pastor of the Federated Church at Essex, New York, where there is a plaque in his memory. He wrote several hundred published hymns and other songs. His works include:

  1. America, Beloved
  2. Are You Building on the Rock?
  3. Are You Over Borne by Trials?
  4. Arise, Arise, a Voice Is Sounding
  5. Arise, Arise, for Lo, the Night Is Past
  6. Arise, Arise, for Men
  7. Army with Banners Is Marching Along, An
  8. As We March Along, We Will Sing a Song
  9. Awake, O Ye Blossoms
  10. Away in Yonder Forest
  11. Be Loyal to Your Colors
  12. Blossoms Lift Their Sunny Faces
  13. Boys and Girls Repeat
  14. Breaking Through the Clouds Above Us
  15. Call Rings Through the Land, A
  16. Can a Boy Forget His Mother?
  17. Can I Forget the Debt I Owe?
  18. Captain Calls for Volunteers, The
  19. Changeful May Be My Lot
  20. Clericus Hymn, The
  21. Clovers White and Clovers Red
  22. Come Home, Come Home
  23. Conflict Is Raging of Right Against Wrong, A
  24. Cry to Arms Is Heard, The
  25. Day When Heaven and Earth Unite
  26. Do the Storm Clouds Gather So?
  27. Do You Know the Friend of Sinners?
  28. Earth’s Victors with Garlands of Flowers
  29. Faith Will Keep the Sunlight Shining
  30. Father, So Holy
  31. Fear Not, but Trust
  32. Fill Each Swiftly Passing Day
  33. For His Dear Sake Who Carried
  34. For the Summer’s Golden Hours
  35. For Your Flag and My Flag
  36. Forward, Forward, Soldiers of the Cross
  37. From the Garden of the Heart
  38. From the Heaven’s Opened Portals
  39. From the Riven Side of Jesus
  40. Gates of Life, The
  41. Gird on Your Armor
  42. Go Forward, Go Forward in Jesus’ Conquering Name
  43. God Leads to Victory
  44. God Will Take Care of Me, Why Should I Fear?
  45. God’s Will I Know Is Best for Me
  46. Going Forth to Serve for Jesus
  47. Golden Hours Are Gliding On, The
  48. Guiding Hand I Clearly See, A
  49. Hail to the Great Creator
  50. Have We Climbed the Mount of Vision?
  51. Have You Heard the Call to Battle?
  52. He Took My Place
  53. Hear the Sweet Voice That Is Calling to Thee
  54. Hear You Not the Savior’s Loving Call?
  55. Holy Father, Thou, Throned on High
  56. How Wonderful, How Marvelous
  57. I Am Happy in My Savior
  58. I Have a Mighty Savior
  59. I Know That My Lord Watches o’er Me
  60. I Need Jesus
  61. I Wandered on Life’s Careless Way
  62. I Will Tell the Wondrous Story of Redeeming Love
  63. I Would Go Where Jesus Sends Me
  64. Idly Standing in the Market
  65. If Christ Should Come to Me
  66. If Jesus Will Make Me a Blessing Today
  67. If the Clouds Are Dark and Dreary
  68. If the Way Leads Down
  69. If the Way Seems Hard with the March
  70. If You Can Smile
  71. If You Cannot Cross the Place
  72. If You Will Just Be Happy
  73. If You Would Walk in the Narrow Way
  74. I’m Redeemed with a Price
  75. In Every Hour of Trial
  76. In My Heart He Set the Music Ringing
  77. In My Heart There Swells a Song
  78. In the Great World Field
  79. Is It Well with My Soul
  80. It Shall Be Well
  81. Jesus Gave Himself for Me
  82. Jesus Is a Friend of Mine
  83. Jesus Loves Us
  84. Jesus Set the Music Ringing
  85. Jesus Took the Little Ones
  86. Jesus, Who Knows and Cares
  87. Just a Ray of Sunshine
  88. Just a Whispered Prayer
  89. Keep in Touch with Jesus
  90. Keep the Joy-Note Ringing
  91. King of the Ages
  92. Let a Song of Praise from Our Hearts Upraise
  93. Let the Children of the King
  94. Let the Glory Crowned Banner of Jesus Today
  95. Let the Nations Hear the News of Full Salvation
  96. Let Us Cheer and Help Each Other
  97. Let Us Now the Heart’s Door
  98. Let Us Run Our Race
  99. Let Us Sing for Joy
  100. Let Your Life Be Set
  101. Life Is a Book
  102. Life Is a Friendly Road
  103. Lift Today Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates
  104. Lift Up Your Heads, Lift Up Your Heads
  105. Listen to the Strain
  106. Lo the Rosy Gleam of the Morn’s First Beam
  107. Long Years I Had Wandered
  108. Lord Is Calling for Men to Serve Him, The
  109. Lord of Life Is Victor Now, The
  110. Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  111. Love Led Him to Calvary
  112. Love Led the Savior, in Days Long Ago
  113. Love of Christ the Savior, The
  114. Lovingly, Tenderly, Tell the Sweet Story
  115. Make Your Life a Means of Blessing
  116. Manger, a Mother, a Baby So Fair, A
  117. Many, Many Years Ago
  118. Many May Strive
  119. March Forth for the King
  120. Men of Our America, The
  121. Mighty God, the King of Life Immortal, The
  122. Mighty Hosts of Sin and Wrong, The
  123. Morning Breaks, I Face the Way Ahead, The
  124. My Heart Is Aglow with a Love Light Divine
  125. Now, in the Pride of the Strength of Thy Youth
  126. O, Fallen Brother, Heed the Call
  127. O Gift Divine, God’s Boundless Love Revealing
  128. O Holy Spirit, Breathe upon Us Now
  129. O Jesus, Lad of Nazareth
  130. O My Brother, Worn
  131. O Precious Word of Jesus
  132. O Savior Dear, My Heart O’erflows with Gladness
  133. On Life’s Pathway as We Journey
  134. Onward Christian Soldiers, Every Voice Sing
  135. Our Eyes Have Seen the Multitude
  136. Our Fathers’ God, to Thee
  137. Out in the Fields with God
  138. Out of the Heart Are the Issues of Life
  139. Perfume Laden Breezes Bring a Message, The
  140. Perhaps Your Feet May Chance to Tread
  141. Pilgrim Band, a Throng, A
  142. Praise God for His Word
  143. Praise the Ever Living Lord
  144. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
  145. Prayer Is the Key That Will Open the Door
  146. Prize Is Set Before Me, A
  147. Prize Is the Heavenly, The
  148. Proud Gird Your Armor On
  149. Ranks of Joyous Youth, The
  150. Rocky Tomb Is Riven, The
  151. See the Mighty Youthful Army
  152. Seeking a King Who Was Born in a Manger
  153. Shadows of Evening Around Me, The
  154. Shout Aloud Your Hallelujahs
  155. Since Jesus, the Son of the Highest
  156. Sing a Little Song
  157. Sinner, the Savior Is Calling to Thee
  158. So Many Are Heavily Laden
  159. Some Days Are Dark, Some Days Are Fair
  160. Someone Is Needing a Blessing Today
  161. Sometimes I Catch a Vision Fair
  162. Speak to Me Now, My Savior
  163. Stand in the Place of God’s Choosing
  164. Strong Right Hand of Him Who Rules the World, The
  165. Sweetest Songs Now Are Lifting
  166. Tempests of Temptation, The
  167. There Are Hearts Whose Sorest Need
  168. There Are the Words of Jesus
  169. There Is a Name of Wondrous Might
  170. There Is a Place Called Calvary
  171. There Is Gladness, There Is Glory
  172. There Is One Who Understands
  173. There Is Pardon Free
  174. There Is So Much of Trouble
  175. There Is Work for All to Do
  176. There’s a Call for Men
  177. There’s Joy in the Service of Jesus
  178. They That Believe in the Lord Shall Live
  179. This Day We Call Our Mother’s Day
  180. This Day We Remember the Deeds
  181. This Shall Be Theme and Song
  182. Thou God of the Mothers
  183. Though Tempests of Temptation Sweep
  184. Though Trials Throng My Earthly Way
  185. Though You May Not Do for Jesus
  186. Thro’ the Land a Call Is Sounding
  187. Thy Servants, Lord, Before Thee Stand
  188. Tiny Little Tots Are We
  189. To All the World, the Son of God
  190. To Trust in Our Father from Day to Day
  191. Trusting the Promises Precious
  192. Underneath the Banner of Our Savior
  193. Victor Comes with Kingly Tread, The
  194. Victory May Depend on You, The
  195. We Are Comrades of the Cross
  196. We Know That God Is on the Throne
  197. We Love Our Country’s Flag
  198. We May Journey with Rejoicing
  199. We Praise the Conquering Might of Christ
  200. We Send the Word to Africa
  201. We Sing Today as Well
  202. We Will Strive to Do
  203. We’d Like to Sing
  204. What Does the Master Expect of Me?
  205. When at Last the Strife Is Ended
  206. When Burdens Are Pressing
  207. When Cares and Toils Are Pressing
  208. When I Was Sinking in Despair
  209. When in His Beauty My Savior I See
  210. When Sin Is Inviting
  211. When the Clouds Have Hid the Skies of Blue
  212. When the Clouds Their Darkness
  213. When the Days Are Dark
  214. When the Shadows Deepen
  215. When the Shadows Gather Dark
  216. When the Tempter Calls You
  217. When the Youth of Our Land
  218. When to the Savior You Come
  219. Whene’er the Shadows Gather
  220. Where the Blessed Savior Leads Me
  221. Wherever the Pathway
  222. Why Go We Mourning All the Day
  223. With a Firm and Loving Hand
  224. With Loyal Hearts We Come Again
  225. With Souls Aflame for Deeds of Fame
  226. World Is Full of Sin, The
  227. Ye Soldiers of the Living God
  228. You Ask What Makes Me Happy the Whole Day Long?
  229. You May Banish Care and Sadness
  230. Youth Is the Speeding
  1. San Dimas

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