Born: Ap­ril 25, 1866, Fort Ann, New York.

Died: Oc­to­ber 1, 1942, Es­sex, New York.

Buried: Bol­ton Land­ing, New York.


Son of a Bap­tist minister, Web­ster spent time as a youth in lum­ber camps in the Ad­i­ron­dack Moun­tains. Be­fore leav­ing the Ad­i­ron­dacks, he was or­dained to preach by the North River Bap­tist Church (now closed).

He then at­tende­d the Ver­mont Acad­e­my at Sax­ton’s Ri­ver. He first preached at meet­ings of Acad­e­my stu­dents in the his­tor­ic Old Town Rock­ing­ham Church near Bel­lows Falls, Ver­mont.

His first stu­dent pas­tor­ate was at Mid­dle­town Springs, Ver­mont, and he was sub­se­quent­ly sup­ply preach­er for the Bap­tist church in South Ac­worth, New Hamp­shire. Fol­low­ing a per­i­od of ev­an­gel­is­tic work, he be­came act­ing pas­tor at the Bap­tist church in St. Johns­bu­ry, Ver­mont. From there he was called to Mont­pe­li­er.

Of his ov­er 50 years of ser­vice as a min­is­ter, he spent more than 30 years in non-de­nom­in­a­tion­al set­tings, oft­en in com­bined church­es with Me­thod­ist, Pres­by­ter­i­an, and Bap­tist mem­bers. While sup­ply­ing a num­ber of church­es in Uti­ca, New York, he was al­so state news ed­it­or for the Uti­ca Morn­ing Her­ald.

In lat­er years, Web­ster was pas­tor of the Fed­er­at­ed Church at Es­sex, New York, where there is a plaque in his me­mo­ry. He wrote se­ver­al hund­red pub­lished hymns and other songs.

His works in­clude:

  1. America, Be­loved
  2. Are You Build­ing on the Rock?
  3. Are You Ov­er Borne by Tri­als?
  4. Arise, Arise, a Voice Is Sound­ing
  5. Arise, Arise, for Lo, the Night Is Past
  6. Arise, Arise, for Men
  7. Army with Ban­ners Is March­ing Along, An
  8. As We March Along, We Will Sing a Song
  9. Awake, O Ye Blos­soms
  10. Away in Yon­der Forest
  11. Be Loy­al to Your Col­ors
  12. Blossoms Lift Their Sun­ny Fac­es
  13. Boys and Girls Re­peat
  14. Breaking Through the Clouds Above Us
  15. Call Rings Through the Land, A
  16. Can a Boy For­get His Mo­ther?
  17. Can I For­get the Debt I Owe?
  18. Captain Calls for Vol­un­teers, The
  19. Changeful May Be My Lot
  20. Clericus Hymn, The
  21. Clovers White and Clo­vers Red
  22. Come Home, Come Home
  23. Conflict Is Rag­ing of Right Against Wrong, A
  24. Cry to Arms Is Heard, The
  25. Day When Hea­ven and Earth Unite
  26. Do the Storm Clouds Ga­ther So?
  27. Do You Know the Friend of Sin­ners?
  28. Earth’s Vic­tors with Gar­lands of Flow­ers
  29. Faith Will Keep the Sun­light Shin­ing
  30. Father, So Ho­ly
  31. Fear Not, but Trust
  32. Fill Each Swift­ly Pass­ing Day
  33. For His Dear Sake Who Car­ried
  34. For the Sum­mer’s Gold­en Hours
  35. For Your Flag and My Flag
  36. Forward, For­ward, Sol­diers of the Cross
  37. From the Gar­den of the Heart
  38. From the Hea­ven’s Opened Por­tals
  39. From the Ri­ven Side of Je­sus
  40. Gates of Life, The
  41. Gird on Your Ar­mor
  42. Go For­ward, Go For­ward in Je­sus’ Con­quer­ing Name
  43. God Leads to Vic­to­ry
  44. God Will Take Care of Me, Why Should I Fear?
  45. God’s Will I Know Is Best for Me
  46. Going Forth to Serve for Je­sus
  47. Golden Hours Are Glid­ing On, The
  48. Guiding Hand I Clear­ly See, A
  49. Hail to the Great Cre­at­or
  50. Have We Climbed the Mount of Vi­sion?
  51. Have You Heard the Call to Bat­tle?
  52. He Took My Place
  53. Hear the Sweet Voice That Is Call­ing to Thee
  54. Hear You Not the Sav­ior’s Lov­ing Call?
  55. Holy Fa­ther, Thou, Throned on High
  56. How Won­der­ful, How Mar­vel­ous
  57. I Am Hap­py in My Sav­ior
  58. I Have a Migh­ty Sav­ior
  59. I Know That My Lord Watch­es o’er Me
  60. I Need Je­sus
  61. I Wan­dered on Life’s Care­less Way
  62. I Will Tell the Won­drous Story
  63. I Would Go Where Je­sus Sends Me
  64. Idly Stand­ing in the Mar­ket
  65. If Christ Should Come to Me
  66. If Je­sus Will Make Me a Bless­ing To­day
  67. If the Clouds Are Dark and Drea­ry
  68. If the Way Leads Down
  69. If the Way Seems Hard with the March
  70. If You Can Smile
  71. If You Can­not Cross the Place
  72. If You Will Just Be Hap­py
  73. If You Would Walk in the Nar­row Way
  74. I’m Re­deemed with a Price
  75. In Ev­ery Hour of Tri­al
  76. In My Heart He Set the Mu­sic Ring­ing
  77. In My Heart There Swells a Song
  78. In the Great World Field
  79. Is It Well with My Soul
  80. It Shall Be Well
  81. Jesus Gave Him­self for Me
  82. Jesus Is a Friend of Mine
  83. Jesus Loves Us
  84. Jesus Set the Mu­sic Ring­ing
  85. Jesus Took the Lit­tle Ones
  86. Jesus, Who Knows and Cares
  87. Just a Ray of Sun­shine
  88. Just a Whis­pered Pray­er
  89. Keep in Touch with Je­sus
  90. Keep the Joy-Note Ring­ing
  91. King of the Ag­es
  92. Let a Song of Praise from Our Hearts Up­raise
  93. Let the Child­ren of the King
  94. Let the Glo­ry Crowned Ban­ner of Je­sus
  95. Let the Na­tions Hear the News of Full Sal­va­tion
  96. Let Us Cheer and Help Each Oth­er
  97. Let Us Now the Heart’s Door
  98. Let Us Run Our Race
  99. Let Us Sing for Joy
  100. Let Your Life Be Set
  101. Life Is a Book
  102. Life Is a Friend­ly Road
  103. Lift Today Your Heads, Ye Migh­ty Gates
  104. Lift Up Your Heads, Lift Up Your Heads
  105. Listen to the Strain
  106. Lo the Ro­sy Gleam of the Morn’s First Beam
  107. Long Years I Had Wan­dered
  108. Lord Is Call­ing for Men to Serve Him, The
  109. Lord of Life Is Vic­tor Now, The
  110. Lord, Teach Us to Pray
  111. Love Led Him to Cal­va­ry
  112. Love Led the Sav­ior, in Days Long Ago
  113. Love of Christ the Sav­ior, The
  114. Lovingly, Ten­der­ly, Tell the Sweet Sto­ry
  115. Make Your Life a Means of Bless­ing
  116. Manger, a Mo­ther, a Ba­by So Fair, A
  117. Many, Ma­ny Years Ago
  118. Many May Strive
  119. March Forth for the King
  120. Men of Our Am­er­i­ca, The
  121. Mighty God, the King of Life Im­mor­tal, The
  122. Mighty Hosts of Sin and Wrong, The
  123. Morning Breaks, I Face the Way Ahead, The
  124. My Heart Is Aglow with a Love Light Di­vine
  125. Now, in the Pride of the Strength of Thy Youth
  126. O, Fall­en Bro­ther, Heed the Call
  127. O Gift Di­vine, God’s Bound­less Love Re­veal­ing
  128. O Ho­ly Spir­it, Breathe up­on Us Now
  129. O Je­sus, Lad of Na­za­reth
  130. O My Bro­ther, Worn
  131. O Pre­cious Word of Je­sus
  132. O Sav­ior Dear, My Heart O’erf­lows with Glad­ness
  133. On Life’s Path­way as We Jour­ney
  134. Onward Chris­tian Sol­diers, Ev­ery Voice Sing
  135. Our Eyes Have Seen the Mul­ti­tude
  136. Our Fa­thers’ God, to Thee
  137. Out in the Fields with God
  138. Out of the Heart Are the Is­sues of Life
  139. Perfume Lad­en Breez­es Bring a Mes­sage, The
  140. Perhaps Your Feet May Chance to Tread
  141. Pilgrim Band, a Throng, A
  142. Praise God for His Word
  143. Praise the Ev­er Liv­ing Lord
  144. Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord
  145. Prayer Is the Key That Will Open the Door
  146. Prize Is Set Be­fore Me, A
  147. Prize Is the Hea­ven­ly, The
  148. Proud Gird Your Ar­mor On
  149. Ranks of Joy­ous Youth, The
  150. Rocky Tomb Is Riv­en, The
  151. See the Migh­ty Youth­ful Ar­my
  152. Seeking a King Who Was Born in a Man­ger
  153. Shadows of Ev­en­ing Around Me, The
  154. Shout Aloud Your Hal­le­lu­jahs
  155. Since Je­sus, the Son of the High­est
  156. Sing a Lit­tle Song
  157. Sinner, the Sav­ior Is Call­ing to Thee
  158. So Ma­ny Are Hea­vi­ly La­den
  159. Some Days Are Dark, Some Days Are Fair
  160. Someone Is Need­ing a Bless­ing To­day
  161. Sometimes I Catch a Vi­sion Fair
  162. Speak to Me Now, My Sav­ior
  163. Stand in the Place of God’s Choos­ing
  164. Strong Right Hand of Him Who Rules the World, The
  165. Sweetest Songs Now Are Lift­ing
  166. Tempests of Temp­ta­tion, The
  167. There Are Hearts Whose Sor­est Need
  168. There Are the Words of Je­sus
  169. There Is a Name of Won­drous Might
  170. There Is a Place Called Cal­va­ry
  171. There Is Glad­ness, There Is Glo­ry
  172. There Is One Who Un­der­stands
  173. There Is Par­don Free
  174. There Is So Much of Trou­ble
  175. There Is Work for All to Do
  176. There’s a Call for Men
  177. There’s Joy in the Ser­vice of Je­sus
  178. They That Be­lieve in the Lord Shall Live
  179. This Day We Call Our Mo­ther’s Day
  180. This Day We Re­mem­ber the Deeds
  181. This Shall Be Theme and Song
  182. Thou God of the Mo­thers
  183. Though Tem­pests of Temp­ta­tion Sweep
  184. Though Tri­als Throng My Earth­ly Way
  185. Though You May Not Do for Je­sus
  186. Thro’ the Land a Call Is Sound­ing
  187. Thy Serv­ants, Lord, Be­fore Thee Stand
  188. Tiny Lit­tle Tots Are We
  189. To All the World, the Son of God
  190. To Trust in Our Fa­ther from Day to Day
  191. Trusting the Pro­mis­es Pre­cious
  192. Underneath the Ban­ner of Our Sav­ior
  193. Victor Comes with King­ly Tread, The
  194. Victory May De­pend on You, The
  195. We Are Com­rades of the Cross
  196. We Know That God Is on the Throne
  197. We Love Our Coun­try’s Flag
  198. We May Jour­ney with Re­joic­ing
  199. We Praise the Con­quer­ing Might of Christ
  200. We Send the Word to Af­ri­ca
  201. We Sing To­day as Well
  202. We Will Strive to Do
  203. We’d Like to Sing
  204. What Does the Mas­ter Ex­pect of Me?
  205. When at Last the Strife Is End­ed
  206. When Bur­dens Are Press­ing
  207. When Cares and Toils Are Press­ing
  208. When I Was Sink­ing in Des­pair
  209. When in His Beau­ty My Sav­ior I See
  210. When Sin Is In­vit­ing
  211. When the Clouds Have Hid the Skies of Blue
  212. When the Clouds Their Dark­ness
  213. When the Days Are Dark
  214. When the Sha­dows Deep­en
  215. When the Sha­dows Ga­ther Dark
  216. When the Temp­ter Calls You
  217. When the Youth of Our Land
  218. When to the Sav­ior You Come
  219. Whene’er the Sha­dows Ga­ther
  220. Where the Bless­ed Sav­ior Leads Me
  221. Wherever the Path­way
  222. Why Go We Mourn­ing All the Day
  223. With a Firm and Lov­ing Hand
  224. With Loy­al Hearts We Come Again
  225. With Souls Aflame for Deeds of Fame
  226. World Is Full of Sin, The
  227. Ye Sol­diers of the Liv­ing God
  228. You Ask What Makes Me Hap­py?
  229. You May Ba­nish Care and Sad­ness
  230. Youth Is the Speed­ing
  1. San Di­mas