Oc­to­ber 12, 1855, Cin­cin­na­ti, Ohio.


Weber was educated at Ohio Wesleyan Un­i­ver­si­ty, Delaware, Ohio, was licensed to preach in March 1879 by the quarterly conference of St. Paul’s Me­tho­dist Epis­co­pal Church, Delaware, Ohio. He had an extensive career as an evangelist, and conducted a number of revival meetings in the American Midwest. His works in­clude:

  1. Are You Walking in the Light of the Savior?
  2. At the Cross of Christ I’ll Kneel and Pray
  3. Blessed Sunshine of the Lord
  4. Can a Boy Forget His Mother?
  5. Christ Is Crowded Out
  6. Every Day Let Me Live Like the Savior
  7. Have You a Praise for Jesus?
  8. Have You Received Since Ye Have Believed?
  9. I Am Leaning on the Arm of the Savior
  10. I Am Trusting in the Promises
  11. I Came to Jesus as I Was
  12. I Sought for This Blest Cleansing
  13. I Want to Be Like the Savior
  14. I Will Tell of the Savior of Men
  15. I’m Kneeling at the Mercy Seat
  16. I’m Rejoicing, I’m Happy
  17. In the Busy Marts, in the Crowded Street
  18. Is There a Sinner Waiting?
  19. I’ve a Mother in Heaven
  20. I’ve Found a Glad Hosanna
  21. Jesus Died on Calvary
  22. Jesus Is Passing, the Blind Man Was Told
  23. Lead Me Savior in the Way
  24. Master Calls Today, The
  25. My Stay on Earth Will Soon Be O’er
  26. Our Friends Have Passed to the Other Side
  27. Power in the Blood
  28. Praise Ye the Lord
  29. Savior Shed His Crimson Blood, The
  30. Some Day in That Bright Home Above
  31. Sometime, That Young Man Said to Me
  32. Spirit Is Calling and Jesus Is Waiting, The
  33. We Are Junior Reapers
  34. When I Was Young, in Tender Years
  35. When Temptation Comes upon You
  36. Will You Exchange Eternal Life?
  37. Will You Go with Me to the Highlands?
  1. My Mother Is Praying for Me