1816, Birm­ing­ham, Warwickshire, Eng­land.

Ju­ly 17, 1898, Farnham, Surrey, Eng­land.

Son of F. Watson, George worked as a printer in Lon­don until 1866. From his office, and with his cooperation, came the publications the Band of Hope Review (1851) and The British Workman (1855), pioneers in the field of cheap illustrated publications.

  1. And Now I Have Slung Myself Recklessly Out
  2. Down from the Heavens, Comes My King
  3. Follow Me
    • Escuto a Voz do Bom Jesus
  4. My Heart Sings a Song
  5. O Sweet Will of God!
  6. O the Deep Mystery of That Love
  7. With the Sweet Word of Peace