June 10, 1813, Providence, Rhode Island.

October 1, 1903, Newton, Massachusetts.

Originally in Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. His grandson, Charles Pitkin, had the remains disinterred and cremated in 1919, for reasons unknown.

Washburn grew up in Kingston, Massachusetts, and was educated at Worcester and Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. He went into the manufacturing business in Worcester and Boston, and in 1875 became president of the Union Mutual Life Insurance Company. He served as a Massachusetts state senator, but is perhaps remembered as a poet. His well known poem The Vacant Chair was about a young lieutenant killed in the American civil war. His other works include:

  1. Almighty God, Thy Constant Care
  2. Brethren, While Again We Venture
  3. Father, Gathered Round the Bier
  4. Let Every Heart Rejoice and Sing
  5. Mournfully, Tenderly, Bear on the Dead
  6. O Isr’l, Trust His Word
  7. Oft in Hours of Pain and Conflict
  8. Shout Again the Glad Hosanna