February 20, 1867, Lewiston, New York.

April 21, 1951, Springfield, Ohio.

Vale Cemetery, Springfield, Ohio.

Warren was converted in 1884 at a revival near Bangor, Michigan. Two years later he joined Daniel Warner and his evangelistic singing company as a bass singer. The group was part of the Church of God Reformation Movement in Anderson, Indiana. Warren Is credited with writing over 7,000 songs. His wife was Nannie Kigar, who belonged to the singing group that traveled the countryside in the late 1800’s.

Warren was a Church of God minister as well as a song writer, and pastored several congregations. He also worked on producing song books and hymnals for the Gospel Trumpet Company from 1888 until 1940. His works include:

  1. All but Christ, the Wondrous Secret
  2. Almost Decided, Sinner
  3. Are We in This World of Sorrow
  4. Are You Building on the Rock Eternal?
  5. Are You Not Weary and Tired of Your Sin?
  6. Are You Ready When the Bridegroom Comes?
  7. Ask, and It Shall Be Given You, Brother
  8. As the Pure Glowing Sky on a Clear Summer Day
  9. Ask and Ye Shall Receive
  10. Beautiful Holiness! Theme of the Bible
  11. Beautiful
  12. Behold What Love, Yes, Love Divine
  13. Be Not Afraid, ’Tis I
  14. Be Thou Ready, He Doth Call
  15. Blameless Church, The
  16. Blessed Christ of God I See, The
  17. Blessed God of Mercy, as We Start in Life
  18. Blessed Jesus, I Am Bringing
  19. Blessed Redeemer, I Love Thee So Well
  20. Blow the Gospel Trumpet, Brother, over Land and Sea
  21. By the Grace of God I Am Saved Today
  22. Can I Defeat My Savior’s Plan?
  23. Cast Thy Bread upon the Water
  24. Change Is Soon Coming, The
  25. Child of God, A
  26. Child of God, Thou’rt Called for Service
  27. Christ Is Coming
  28. Come, All Together Now
  29. Come and Reason Now with Me
  30. Come Brethren, All, in Phalanx Strong
  31. Come, Prodigal Child, to Your Father
  32. Come to the Fountain So Full and So Free
  33. Come Worship the Lord
  34. Come Ye Prodigal in Sin
  35. Comforter Abides Within, The
  36. Do You Love the World?
  37. Door of His Mercy Is Open, The
  38. Eternity Draws Near
  39. Every Hour for Jesus, Shall My Motto Be
  40. Farewell, Dear Friends, a Long Farewell
  41. Far Away Among the Angels
  42. Following Jesus, Following Jesus
  43. Forward, Forward Is the Battle Cry
  44. For Me the Blessed Savior Came
  45. Fount of Cleansing Flows So Free, A
  46. From the Shining Courts Above
  47. Glorious Blessing Bestowed upon Me, A
  48. Glorious Things Are Spoken of Thee
  49. Glory to God in the Highest
  50. God’s Arms Are Underneath Me
  51. God’s Children Were Scattered in Babel So Cold
  52. God Is My Keeper, Whom Shall I Fear?
  53. God Loves My Soul
  54. Hallelujah, What a Thought!
  55. Have You Heard the Gospel, Sinner?
  56. Have You Heard the Trumpet Sounding?
  57. Hear the Call for Soldiers
  58. Hear the Gentle Spirit’s Call
  59. Hear the Loving Savior Gently Calling
  60. Hear the Tidings, Loud and Clear
  61. He Hears Me When I Call
  62. He Is Able to Deliver Thee, O Sinner
  63. He Is Fairer Than the Fairest Morn of Earth
  64. He Is Risen, Said the Angel to the Women
  65. He Pardoned My Transgressions
  66. He Saves My Soul from Sin’s Domain
  67. He That Followeth Me Shall Not Walk in Darkness
  68. He That Goeth Forth and Weepeth
  69. He Who Was Lord of Lords on High
  70. His Blood Is All My Plea
  71. Hold Fast to the Savior, He Loves You Still
  72. Holy Is the Bible, Holy Is the Lord
  73. Holy Spirit, Take Thy Place
  74. How Can You Part with Jesus?
  75. How Sweet Is the Comfort and Rest of My Soul
  76. If You Want Pardon, Love and Sweet Peace
  77. I’m Abiding in Jesus, What a Blessed Place!
  78. I’m in the Lord’s Sacred Pavilion
  79. I’m Redeemed, I Will Proclaim It
  80. I’m Resting in the Arms
  81. I’m Walking with Jesus from Day unto Day
  82. In That Home, with Our Friends and Redeemer
  83. In That Land of Rest with Its Joys Untold
  84. In the Awful Age of Night
  85. In the Bible Jesus Tells Us
  86. In the Dawning of the Morning
  87. In the Fold of Christ the Shepherd
  88. In the Holy Array We’ve Enlisted
  89. In the Hour of Sore Temptation I May Be
  90. In the Resurrection Morning
  91. In This Cold, Dark World We’re Living
  92. Is God Calling Thee, O Guilty Sinner?
  93. I Am Clinging to Jesus
  94. I Am Coming, Lord, to Thee
  95. I Am Free in the All-Cleansing Blood
  96. I Am Happy in the Lord
  97. I Am Reigning with My Blessed Lord
  98. I Am Satisfied in Jesus
  99. I Am So Glad That the Savior Hath Said
  100. I Can Hear a Sweet Voice
  101. I Have a Home Prepared for Me
  102. I Have a Sure and Safe Retreat
  103. I Have Found His Grace Is All Complete
  104. I Have Left All Sin’s Dominion
  105. I Have the Grace My Soul Doth Need
  106. I Have Wandered Afar from the Guiding Star
  107. I Heard a Loving Angel’s Voice
  108. I Hear Celestial Music Strains
  109. I Hunger to Know More of Jesus
  110. I Love the Dear Redeemer’s Name
  111. I Love to Serve My Jesus
  112. I Must Be a Soldier and Bear the Cross
  113. I Need Thy Help, Dear Father
  114. I Now Am Running in the Christian Race
  115. I Once Was Blind, but Now I See
  116. I Will Bear the Cross with My Lord Today
  117. I Will Sing Hallelujah
  118. I Would Be Closer, My Savior
  119. I Yield to Thee, Savior, Forsaking My All
  120. If He Comes
  121. It Is Truly Wonderful
  122. Jesus Brought Me on the Mountain
  123. Jesus Is My Shepherd
  124. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling
  125. Jesu Christ, the Holy Son
  126. Joy Unspeakable
  127. Keep Me as the Apple of Thine Eye
  128. Keep Me in Touch with Thee
  129. Keep Me Near the Cross
  130. Kept by the Power of God
  131. Lead Me Gently by the Hand
  132. Leaning on the Arms of Jesus
  133. Let Cloven Tongues of Holy Fire
  134. Let Not Your Weary Heart Be Troubled
  135. Let the Children Come
  136. Let Us All Be Good and True
  137. Let Your Light So Shine That the World May See
  138. Like a Rock in the Billows I Would Stable Be
  139. Little Children, Do Not Fear, Jesus Loves You
  140. Long Have They Waited in the Dark Heathen Lands
  141. Lord, I Come to Thee with an Aching Heart
  142. Lord Invites You In, The
  143. Lord Jesus, My Sweet Rose of Sharon
  144. Lord Make His Face to Shine on Thee, The
  145. Mighty to Save, and Mighty to Keep
  146. More I Learn About Jesus, The
  147. Must I in Sinful Bondage Be
  148. My Blessed Lord, I Will Be Thine
  149. My Blessed Lord, Thy Blood Divine
  150. My Garments Stained with Sin and Guilt
  151. Ninety-Nine Are Safely Lying, The
  152. Now I Come, My Lord and Savior
  153. Now the Harvest Time Is Come
  154. Now the Shadows Slowly Lengthen
  155. Now the True Light Is Shining
  156. O Blessed Lamb of God So Dear!
  157. O Brother, Will You Bear the Cross?
  158. O Christ Divine, O God of Love
  159. O Come to the Blessed Redeemer Now
  160. O, Come to the Lord Today
  161. O Come with the Army of the Lord Today
  162. O Lord Most Holy, to Thee
  163. O Praise the Lord, My Song Shall Be
  164. O Soul, Be Afraid, Thou Shalt Reckon with God
  165. O the Glad Joy to Know God Is Love
  166. O, Trouble Not Thy Heart
  167. O What a Blessing That Heaven Has Sent
  168. O Who Can Be Idle?
  169. O Will You Come This Very Night?
  170. Oh, Come Receive the Gospel Light
  171. Oh, Drink of the River of Pleasure
  172. Oh, Look at the Faithfulness of Christ Our Lord
  173. Oh, What a Joyful Assurance
  174. Oh, Will You Count the Cost Today?
  175. On Earth There Are Trials and Crosses to Bear
  176. Out on This Dark World, Savior, Am I
  177. Over the Hills the Sun Is Fast Descending
  178. Praise God for His Grace Bestowed upon Me
  179. Praise the Lord, My Soul Is Free
  180. Praise the Lord, There’s Sunlight in My Happy Soul Today
  181. Praise the Lord, Who Made the Earth
  182. Praise the Lord with Singing
  183. Praise the Lord, Ye Angel
  184. Praise the Name of Jesus, for His Love to Me
  185. Praise to Christ Anew Is Springing
  186. Praise Ye the Lord
  187. Precious Soul, Prepare for the Midnight Call
  188. Press On, My Brother, Sister
  189. Prince of Glory Condescended
  190. Rejoice in the Lord, I Say Rejoice
  191. Riches of Grace I’ve Found in Thee
  192. Rippling Brook and Flowing Stream
  193. Rock of Ages, Hide My Soul
  194. Ruler in Judah Came Humbly One Night, A
  195. Safely Hiding, Should I Fear
  196. Salvation Echoes Gladden
  197. Savior, Coming to Thee
  198. Seal of My Pardon Is Written in His Blood, The
  199. See the Crucified Redeemer
  200. See, the Dear Children Around You Today
  201. See the Storm Raging in Fury Today
  202. Shall I Die Without a Savior?
  203. Shall I Wear That Bright Crown?
  204. Shield of Faith, The
  205. Should You See All Kinds of Sin
  206. Silently, Silently, Sleep the Peaceful Dead
  207. Simply Trusting in the Savior
  208. Since You’re Happy in the Service of the Lord
  209. Sing About Jesus Who Died to Save
  210. Sinner, Hark! The Savior’s Calling
  211. Sinner, Have You any Room for Jesus
  212. Sinner, See the Blessed Savior
  213. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus, Blessed Place
  214. Sweet and Precious Jesus
  215. Sweet Love That Moved the Heart of God
  216. Sweet Paradise! My Future Home
  217. Sweet Peace Is Flowing, Peace That Will Abide
  218. Sweet Rest in Jesus, Home of the Soul
  219. Sweet Vale of Eden
  220. Take the Cross and Follow Jesus
  221. Tempted and Tried, We’re Oft Made to Wonder
  222. Ten Lepers to Jesus for Healing Once Came
  223. That Little Form Before Us
  224. There Are Beams of Brilliant Sunlight
  225. There Are No Shadows Without the Sunshine
  226. There Is a Precious Healing Stream
  227. There Is Life Forevermore
  228. There Is Peace and Joy in the Lord Today
  229. There’s a Land of Delight Where the Angels Dwell
  230. There’s a Place I Long to Be
  231. There’s a Theme That Is Sweet to My Memory
  232. There’s a Voice Full of Sweetness and Love
  233. There’s Power in the Blood to Save from Sin
  234. Think of Your Soul, Poor Sinner, Today
  235. Though I Walk Through the Valley
  236. Though Thou Art So Sinful, Come to Me
  237. Thy Peace, O God, Doth Onward Flow
  238. Thy Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done
  239. Truth Divine, by Angels Spoken
  240. Truth in Song
  241. Victory
  242. Vict’ry Is Mine, The
  243. Walking Through Life’s Dark Shady Valley
  244. Watch for the Master’s Coming
  245. Watch, for the Savior Is Coming
  246. Weeping Jesus, Suff’ring One
  247. Weighed in the Balance of Justice True
  248. We’re Living by Faith in the Savior Alone
  249. We’re on the Road from Earth to Heaven
  250. We Are in the Harvest Time
  251. We Are Kept by the Power and Favor of God
  252. We Are Little Flowers
  253. We Are Sowing Every Moment
  254. We Have Met in the Name of Our God and King
  255. We Remember Well How the Savior Was Tempted
  256. What Are You Sowing, Sinner?
  257. What if the Master Should Come Tonight?
  258. What So Great, So Grand, and Lovely
  259. What Will You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?
  260. When All the Dear Children Are Gathering Home
  261. When the Evening Is Coming
  262. When Galilee Was Raging
  263. When I Behold My Blessed Savior’s Face
  264. When I Come to the End of My Pilgrimage Here
  265. When I Get Weary with Toils of the Day
  266. When My Life Work Is Ended
  267. When the Bridegroom Comes
  268. When the Evening Is Coming
  269. When the Marriage Feast Is Ready in That Palace
  270. When the Night Has Passed Away
  271. When the Port of Heaven Opens
  272. When You Wake from Your Slumber in the Morning
  273. Where Is Thy Hope, Poor Sinner?
  274. Where Shall I Spend My Eternity?
  275. Whither Shall I Go for Help?
  276. Who Hath Washed My Sins Away
  277. Who Is Knocking at Thy Heart Today?
  278. Will You Come and Be Free from the Bondage?
  279. Will You Come to Jesus? He Is Calling
  280. Without Spot and Blameless, O Savior
  281. With Joyous Tidings We Sing
  282. You May Know This Day That Your Sins Are Gone
  1. Behold the Bridegroom
  2. Cuenca
  3. I Know My Name Is There
  4. Last Great Day, The
  5. O Praise the Lord!
  6. Patiently Waiting
  7. Perishing World, The
  8. Santo Domingo
  9. Sin Can Never Enter There
  10. Word of God (Brooks), The