June 25, 1842, Bristol (now Marshallville), Ohio.

December 12, 1895, Grand Junction, Michigan, of pneumonia.

Warner Camp Cemetery, Grand Junction, Michigan.

Daniel was the son of David Warner and Leah Dierdorf, and husband of Frankie M. Warner. As of 1880, he was living in Rome City, Indiana. His works include:

  1. Ah, Poor Alien, Far from the Fold of Love
  2. Ah Poor Sinner, Think of Calvary
  3. All This World, Its Wealth and Honor
  4. All Ye People, Come Down to the Judgment Begun
  5. Along a Dark and Gloomy Path
  6. Are You of the Holy Remnant?
  7. Are You Ready, Waiting for the Lord?
  8. Are You Sowing Seeds of Kindness?
  9. Asleep in Jesus, Oh, How Sweet
  10. Beautiful, Peaceful Zion
  11. Behold a Form upon the Lonely Mount
  12. Behold, What Love, What Boundless Love
  13. Bond of Perfectness, The
  14. Borne Away in Mind and Spirit
  15. Brighter Days Are Sweetly Dawning
  16. By Thy Blessed Word Obeying
  17. Can the Spirit of a Mortal
  18. Church of God, Thou Spotless Virgin
  19. Church of the Living God
  20. Come, Behold the Love of Jesus
  21. Come unto Me, All Ye That Labor
  22. Come, Within That Upper Chamber
  23. Dear Friends, We Have Precious Tidings of Old
  24. Don’t Resist the Holy Spirit
  25. Down into the Flowing River
  26. Do You Triumph, O My Brother?
  27. Ere Christ Will Reign Within Thy Heart
  28. Fair City of the Gospel Day
  29. Far Down o’er the Ages a Promise Divine
  30. Fill Me with Thy Spirit
  31. From My Soul and All Within
  32. From the Mount of Heavenly Vision
  33. Gentle Hand Unseen by Us, A
  34. God Is Sitting in the Awful Valley
  35. God Is Sweeping Through the Nations
  36. God of Mercy, God of Love
  37. Great Peace Have They That Love Thy Law
  38. Hallelujah to Jesus!
  39. Hark, in the Bible a Warning
  40. Hear the Tidings of a Kingdom
  41. Hear the Voice of Our Commander
  42. Hear Ye the Moan of a Soul That Is Lost
  43. Here We Meet and Part in Jesus
  44. His Yoke Is Easy
  45. How Often I’ve Pondered My Struggles Within
  46. How Sweet Is My Walk with Jesus!
  47. How Sweet This Bond of Perfectness
  48. I Am Resting in Jesus, Hallelujah!
  49. I Know My Name Is There
  50. I Heard the Dear Redeemer Say
  51. I Lost My Life for Jesus on the Cross
  52. I Ought to Love My Savior
  53. I Seem to Hear an Angel Choir
  54. I Will Be with Thee, O, Child of Love
  55. I Will Part with Thee, Old Master
  56. I Will Trust Thee, O My Father
  57. If Thou Wilt Know the Fountain Deep
  58. I’ll Sing of a River Divine
  59. In the Chambers of Thy Bosom
  60. In the Light of God
  61. In the Morning of the Lord
  62. Is the Spirit Glowing in Thy Heart?
  63. It Is Written in the Bible
  64. I’ve Found a Friend in Jesus
  65. I’ve Found My Lord, and He Is Mine
  66. I’ve Reached the Land of Pure Delight
  67. Jesus Drank the Cup of Sorrow
  68. Jesus Has Taken My Load of Sin
  69. Jesus, Thou a Fountain Art
  70. Last Great Day, The
  71. Let Us Sing an Invitation
  72. Let Us Sing a Sweet Song of the Home of the Soul
  73. Let Us Sing the Name of Jesus
  74. Life Is Not a Mystic Dream
  75. Light in Our Darkness, Brother
  76. Lord Our Shepherd, The
  77. Listen, Sinner, to the Voice
  78. Long Time I Wandered Away, A
  79. Lord, the Shades of Night
  80. Lo, Heaven Now Opens to Rapturous View
  81. Lo the Kingdom of Heaven We See
  82. Lo, Wisdom Crieth in the Streets
  83. Mansion Is Waiting in Glory, A
  84. Men Speak of a Church Triumphant
  85. Mighty Messengers Are Running
  86. My Jesus Died for Me upon the Cross
  87. My Name Is in the Book of Life
  88. My Soul in Trouble Roamed
  89. My Soul Is Satisfied
  90. My Soul Is Saved from Sin
  91. Not in the Temples Made with Hands
  92. Now My Pilgrim Toils Are Over
  93. Now the Great King of Babel
  94. O Blessed Jesus, for Thee We Are Waiting
  95. O Blessed Jesus, Thy Love Is Supreme
  96. O Careless Sinner, Wake to Mercy’s Call
  97. O God, Inspire Our Morning Hymn
  98. O How Can Anyone Refuse?
  99. O How Sublime Is the Life of the Christian
  100. O Let Us Sing the Mighty Love
  101. O Love Divine, Unfathomed!
  102. O Praise the Lord, My Soul Is Saved
  103. O Precious Bible! Burning Words from Heaven
  104. O Sinner, Come Home to the Savior
  105. O W Love the Children’s Meeting
  106. O What Deep and Pure Compassion
  107. O Worship God, the Father
  108. O Ye Pilgrims, Sing an Exhortation
  109. O’er the Door of Heaven’s Kingdom
  110. Oft My Heart Has Bled with Sorrow
  111. Oh, Come and Praise the Lord Today
  112. Oh, When We Remember the Goodness
  113. O Who Can Stand the Judgment Day?
  114. Oh, Why Should I Be Lost?
  115. Onward Moves the Great Eternal
  116. Our God Is Love, the Angels Know
  117. Perishing Souls at Stake Today!
  118. Pilgrim of Jesus, o’er Life’s Troubled Sea
  119. Praise the Lord with Songs of Glory
  120. Rejoice, Little Ones, in the Promise Divine
  121. River of Peace
  122. Salvation Is the Sweetest Thing
  123. See the Great King of Babel
  124. Shall I Tell You Why I Ceased from Folly?
  125. Shall My Soul Ascend with Rapture
  126. Shield of Faith, The
  127. Since I Have Found My Savior
  128. Sing of Salvation
  129. Sinner, Will You Lose Your Soul?
  130. Sunbeams Sparkling and Glancing
  131. Sweet Fellowship, Thy Crystal Tide
  132. Sweetly Whispered the Lord in My Mind
  133. Tell Me, Pilgrim, Traveling Homeward
  134. Tell Me, Watchman, Oh, What of the Morning?
  135. There Are Some Rays of Hope Divine
  136. There Are Tidings of a Land Far Away
  137. There Is a Blest Pavilion
  138. There Is a Grace Few Mortals Find
  139. There Is a Story I Often Must Ponder
  140. There Is Joy in the Service of the Master
  141. There Was a Bright and Lovely Boy
  142. There’s an Angel of Mercy from Heaven
  143. There’s a Fact No Mortal Ever Can Deny
  144. There’s a Fountain of Blood That Atones for the Soul
  145. There’s a Land of Everlasting Song
  146. There’s a Peaceful Valley of Decision Found
  147. There’s a Song We Love to Sing
  148. There’s an Awful Day That’s Coming
  149. There’s Mercy, Poor Sinner, for Thee
  150. There’s Music in My Soul
  151. This Is Why I Love My Savior
  152. Tho’ All Along My Happy Pilgrim Race
  153. Time Enough, the Sluggard Cries
  154. Time Onward Flows Like a River Vast
  155. Trusting in Jesus, My Savior and Friend
  156. ’Twas Sung by the Poets
  157. Two Little Hands Are Sweetly Folded
  158. Unheeding Winter’s Cruel Blast
  159. Universe Is God’s Domain, The
  160. We Are Coming, Hallelujah!
  161. We Are Going Home to Heaven’s Golden City
  162. We Are the Happy Children
  163. We Have Met Today on the Old Campground
  164. We Have Reached an Awful Era
  165. We Have Read in Sacred Story
  166. We Stand upon the Sea of Glass
  167. We Tread upon the Awful Verge
  168. We Will Work for Jesus
  169. We’ll Follow the Lord All the Way
  170. We’re a Happy Christian Band
  171. What Awful Darkness Shrouds All the Earth!
  172. When Lost in the Darkness of Guilt and Despair
  173. When We Pass the Golden Summer
  174. Where Art Thou, Wandering Sinner?
  175. Where Shall We Look for Help in Affliction?
  176. While Sleeping Careless on the Brink
  177. Whiter Than Snow
  178. Who but the Christian Is Happy and Free?
  179. Who Can Sing the Wondrous Love of the Son Divine?
  180. Who Is My Life but Christ Alone?
  181. Who Will Suffer with the Savior?
  182. Why Should a Doubt or Fear Arise?
  183. Why Should a Mortal Man Complain?
  184. Wonderful Fountain of Glory