Au­gust 17, 1828, Al­ba­ny, New York.

March 17, 1902, New York Ci­ty.

Al­ba­ny Rural Ce­me­te­ry, Al­ba­ny, New York.

Warren at­tend­ed Ra­cine Col­lege, Ra­cine, Wis­con­sin, then played the or­gan at St. Pe­ter’s Epis­co­pal Church (1846–58) and St. Paul’s Church (1858–60) in Al­ba­ny, New York.

In 1860, he moved to New York Ci­ty to be­come or­gan­ist at Ho­ly Tri­ni­ty Church. Af­ter 10 years there, he be­came or­gan­ist and choir di­rect­or at St. Tho­mas’ Church in New York Ci­ty.

No mu­sic was played at his fun­er­al, at­tend­ed by thou­sands, as the mourn­ers be­liev­ed they could find no fin­er or­gan­ist.

Warren’s works in­clude:

  1. Easter An­gels
  2. Ecce Ag­nus
  3. Guide Me
  4. Log Col­lege
  5. National Hymn
  6. Torn Sail