19th Century
  1. All Nations Now Rise
  2. Boundless Blessings Scattered
  3. Don’t You Wish That We Could See Him?
  4. For Blessings Without Number
  5. From Far and Near the Song Shall Ring
  6. Gift of God
  7. In Days Long Ago
  8. Loyal Soldiers
  9. Message of Mercy, A
  10. Praise We Would Offer
  11. Signal Lights
  12. Sing to the Lord a Song of Joy Today
  13. Songs of Joy
  14. Tell the Blessed Story
  15. There Is One Who Watches
  16. Thy Name, Divine and Glorious
  17. To the King at Whose Own Wish
  18. We Are Scholars in a Life
  19. Welcome to Summer
  20. We’re a Band of Reapers Working
  21. Whatsoever Ye May Do
  22. Within God’s Holy Book