April 14, 1723, Stockport, Cheshire, England.

January 28, 1768, Cheshire, England.

St. Mary’s parish church, Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Wainright trained for a musical career, and after his marriage in 1746, he settled in Manchester, where he played the organ at the Collegiate Church.

The following anecdote is related of him. Being one evening at a tavern in Liverpool, as he sat with his left arm hanging over the back of the seat a man who owed him some grudge came in, and going stealthily behind, caught hold of the extended hand, and forced several fingers back so as to dislocate them. The offender was immediately seized by those present, but Wainright said, Let him go; God forgive him. The injured members were henceforward useless; yet such was Wainwright’s skill that he still continued to perform with remarkable effect.

Lightwood, p. 154

Wainright’s works include:

  1. Yorkshire

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