1711. Various sources give his birthplace as Dou­ai, France, or in Eng­land.

August 16, 1786, Douai, France.

Westminster Cathedral, London, England.

A Catholic layman, Wade fled the Ja­cob­ite rebellion in 1745, settling in Dou­ai, France. He taught music and copied plain chant and hymn manuscripts for private use.

  1. Adeste Fideles
    • Approach, All Ye Faithful
    • Approach, Ye Faithful, and with Glad Accord
    • Approach, Ye Faithful, Come with Exultation
    • Assemble, Ye Faithful
    • Be Present, Ye Faithful
    • Believers Assemble, Come with Songs to Bethlehem
    • Come, All Ye Faithful, Joyfully
    • Come, Faithful All, Rejoice and Sing
    • Come Hither, Ye Faithful
    • Come, O Faithful, with Sweet Voice
    • Draw Near, All Ye Faithful
    • Draw Near, Ye Faithful Christians
    • Draw Nigh, All Ye Faithful
    • Exulting Triumphant, Come from Every Nation
    • Hasten, Ye Faithful
    • Hither, Ye Faithful
    • In Triumph, Joy and Holy Fear
    • O Christian People, Come
    • O Come, All Ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant
    • O Come, All Ye Faithful, Joyful Triumph Raising
    • O Come, All Ye Faithful, Raise the Hymn of Glory
    • O Come, All Ye Faithful, Triumphantly Sing
    • O Come, Ye Faithful, and Your Homage Bring
    • O Hasten, Ye Faithful
    • O Hie, Ye Believers, Raise the Song of Triumph
    • Raise We Our Voices to the Lord of Glory
    • With Hearts Truly Grateful
    • Ye Faithful, Approach Ye
    • Ye Faithful, Come Triumphant, Come
    • Ye Faithful Souls, Approach and Sing
    • Ye Faithful, Triumphant Enter into Bethlehem
  1. Portuguese Hymn

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