Matthäus Apelt

April 20, 1594, Neustadt, Oppeln, Silesia (now Prudnik, Poland).

April 11, 1648, Breslau, Silesia (now Wrocław, Poland).

Son of a saddler, Von Löwenstern distinguished himself musically at an early age. By 1613, he was a teacher and cantor in Leobschütz (now Głubczyce, Poland). Duke Heinrich Wenzel appointed him as his music director and treasurer at Bernstadt (1625); director of the school at Bernstadt (1626); and Rath and Secretary, and Director of Finance (1631). Thereafter Löwenstern entered the service of Emperors Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III (the latter granted him noble title). Finally, Löwenstern became Staatsrath at Oels to Duke Carl Friedrich of Münsterberg. He wrote about 30 hymns in his lifetime.

  1. Christe, du Beistand deiner Kreuzgemeine
  2. Nun preiset alle Gottes Barmherzigkeit
  3. Wenn ich in Angst und Noth
    • When Anguished and Perplexed
    • When in Distress and Woe I Lift
  1. Christe Du Beistand