Friedrich Rudolph Ludwig Freiherr von Canitz

November 27, 1654, Berlin, Germany.

August 11, 1699, Berlin, Germany.

Son of Ludwig von Canitz, privy and legal counselor in Berlin, Friedrich studied at the Universities of Leyden and Leipzig. From 1675-77, he toured Italy, France, England and Holland. In 1677, he was chosen as Gentleman of the Bedchamber by the Elector Friedrich Wilhelm, and accompanied him in his campaigns in Pomerania and elsewhere. In 1680, he was appointed chief magistrate of the district of Zossen and Trebbin, in the Mittelmark, and in 1681 counselor of the Court and Legation. After a successful embassy to Frankfurt, 1682, he was appointed in 1683 chief magistrate of Mühlenhoff and Mühlenbeck. He executed many important missions under Friedrich III, was a privy counselor, and in 1698 was made a baron by Emperor Leopold I. His hymns were first published posthumously, without his name. They were edited by Dr. Joachim Lange, Rector of the Berlin Gymnasium, as Nebenstunden unterschiedener Gedichte (Berlin: 1700).

  1. Gott, du lässest miche erreichen
    • Father! Hear Me Humbly Praying
  2. Seele du musst munter werden