We have little data on von Berge. His name is sometimes shown with the title Professor, indicating he may have been a teacher.

  1. Be Near Me, O Savior
  2. Be Strong and True
  3. Beckoning Home, The
  4. Come Ye Without the City Gate This Day
  5. Golden the Sun is Setting
  6. Hear Ye Not the Call to Win?
  7. Heart That Is Loyal and True, A
  8. His Holy Day
  9. I Am His and He Is Mine
  10. I Love Thee, My Country
  11. Lead Thou Us On
  12. Lo, It Is I
  13. No Greater Love
  14. On Joyful Wing Our Song
  15. Place for You and Me, A
  16. So Send I You
  17. There’s a Beautiful Song
  1. Dem Herrn die Ehre!
  2. O, Welch ein Heilig Werk
  3. Tat Er’s für Mich?
  4. Sieh und Leb’!
  5. Voran mit Gott Jehova