Little is known of this author, though it seems the name is a pseudonym for Bourne Draper. The earliest work in which her hymns are thought found is the Selection of Missionary and Devotional Hymns, edited by Rev. J. Griffin, a Congregationalist minister in Portsea, England, published in 1797.

  1. Behold the Expected Time Draw Near
  2. Behold, the Heathen Waits to Know
  3. Exert Thy Power
  4. Go, Favored Christians, and Proclaim
  5. Hasten, O Lord, That Happy Time
  6. Proud Babylon Yet Waits Her Doom
  7. Soon May the Last Glad Song Arise
    • When Shall the Last Bright Song Arise
  8. Sovereign of Worlds! Display Thy Power
  9. Ye Messengers of Christ