January 19, 1862, Carroll County, Georgia.

Vines began the study of music when quite young, and did his first teaching at age 24. He married Mollie A. Reeves of Clayton County, Georgia, in 1864.

Vines’ principal teaches were C. R. Mullins and Benjamin B. Beall, both of whom had studied at Anthony Showalter’s Southern Normal Musical Institute. As of 1904, Vines was living in Carrollton, Georgia.

  1. I Am Thinking of That Beautiful Home
  2. I Am Trusting in My Savior
  3. Is There Room Among the Angels?
  4. O My Blessed Redeemer
  5. There Will Be a Great Reunion in That Happy Home
  6. ’Twill Be Glory over Yonder When We Reach
  7. We Are Daily Marching Onward
  8. We Have Our Precious Ones in Glory
  9. We Speak of the Home of the Blest
  10. When the Trump of God Shall Sound
  11. Who Can Love Us Like a Mother?
  12. Will There Be for Me a Welcome?
  1. Gulati
  2. Out from the Hedges of This Life