June 16, 1862, Elbert County, Georgia.

July 18, 1918, Athens, Georgia.

Oconee Hill Cemetery, Athens, Georgia.

Son of John H. Vaughan (1828-1883) and husband of Eulalia Mewborn, Vaughan was a Gospel song writer and music publisher, and taught at the Southern Development Normal music school (founded by Franklin L. Eiland and others) in Waco, Texas. At the time of his death, he was a member of the Baptist Tabernacle of Athens. His works include:

  1. All Taken Away
  2. All Will Be Glory
  3. As We Journey on Our Way
  4. Beautiful Country, Land So Bright
  5. Beautiful Golden Somewhere
  6. Beautiful Home Somewhere
  7. Beautiful Land Above
  8. Beautiful Light, Roll On
  9. Beyond the Clouds
  10. Beyond the Starry Plains
  11. Close by the Side of Jesus
  12. Crossing Over
  13. Diamonds in the Rough
  14. Drifting and Gone
  15. Drifting Onward
  16. Farewell
  17. Few More Days of Toil Below, A
  18. Few More Years, a Few More Tears, A
  19. Flow On, Old Jordan’s Waves
  20. Glory Train, The
  21. Hallelujah By and By
  22. Happy All the Way
  23. Happy Day Is Coming, The
  24. Happy Visions
  25. Has the Old Account Been Settled?
  26. Have Mercy on Me
  27. Help Your Brother
  28. His Will Be Done
  29. How Sweet ’Twill Be
  30. How Sweet Will Be That Happy Time
  31. He’s Calling Today
  32. His Good Old Way
  33. Home of the Soul, The
  34. I Am Longing, Waiting, Watching
  35. I Come as I Am
  36. I Love the Name of Jesus
  37. I Love to Sing of That Sweet Day
  38. I Will Meet You in the Morning
  39. I Will See My Mother
  40. In the Rifted Rock I’m Sweetly Resting
  41. Is It Far to That Beautiful Home?
  42. Is There Room for Me?
  43. Jesus Is Calling, List to His Voice
  44. Jesus Takes Care of Me
  45. Just Enter the Open Gate
  46. Leading Me Today
  47. Look How This World Has Made a Change
  48. Looking Beyond
  49. Loving Savior, Meek and Mild
  50. Matters Not Where Jesus Leads Me
  51. Meeting in the Sky, The
  52. Methinks I Hear My Savior Call
  53. My Beautiful Home o’er the Sea
  54. My Crown
  55. My Home Beyond the Sea
  56. No More Sorrow
  57. O Glory, Sing Glory
  58. O It’s Glory
  59. O That Will Be Glory
  60. O the Joys Untold, While the Ages Roll
  61. O What a Singing on That Shore
  62. On the Hills Over There
  63. One by One, We Pass Away
  64. Only Believe in the Promise
  65. Over the River
  66. Parting Hand, The
  67. Railway Message
  68. Recording Day, The
  69. Resting in Jesus, How Sweet It Must Be
  70. Resting in My Savior
  71. Resting in the Arms of Jesus
  72. Savior, When to Thee I Call
  73. Send the Gospel Light
  74. Shall I Meet You Up There?
  75. Shall We Know Each Other?
  76. Shattered Vase
  77. Shout the Warning
  78. Soon We’ll Lay Our Burdens Down
  79. Story of Love
  80. Sweet Heavenly Home
  81. Sweet Rest Somewhere
  82. That New Song
  83. That Wonderful Day
  84. There’ll Be Room Enough
  85. There’s a Dark, Lonely Valley
  86. There’s a Glorious Time Soon Coming
  87. Time Must Be Near, The
  88. ’Twill Be Glory By and By
  89. Up There
  90. Waiting and Watching, My Savior
  91. Walking and Talking with Jesus
  92. Walking with Jesus
  93. Water Fresh from the Fountain
  94. We Are Passing Away
  95. We Shall See the King
  96. We’ll Meet Beyond the Shores of Time
  97. When All the Singers Get Home
  98. When Your Way Seems Sad and Gloomy
  99. Will You Come to the Lord?
  100. Windows of Heaven Are Open Today, The
  101. Working for Jesus
  102. World in Sin Is Drifting Day by Day, The
  103. You Must Unload
  104. You Will Be Sorry Some Day