Ap­ril 17, 1622, New­ton-by-Usk, Llansantffraed, Brec­knock­shire, Wales.

Ap­ril 23, 1695, New­ton St. Brid­get.

Llansantffraed church­yard, Wales.

Vaughan stu­died un­der Mat­thew Her­bert, rec­tor of Llan­gat­tock. He went to Je­sus Col­lege at Ox­ford in 1638, but due to the na­tion­al trou­bles of those days, his stu­dies, and those of his twin bro­ther, were in­ter­rupt­ed, and they had to leave the un­i­ver­si­ty.

Subsequently, Hen­ry en­tered the me­di­cal pro­fess­ion, and prac­ticed at Brea­con and New­ton.

As a re­li­gious poet, Vaugh­an’s style was si­mi­lar to that of George Her­bert, whom he great­ly ad­mired. Vaugh­an’s works in­clude:

  1. As Tra­vel­ers When the Twi­light’s Come
  2. Bright Queen of Hea­ven
  3. Bright Sha­dows of True Rest
  4. Joy of My Life, While Left Me Here
  5. King of Mer­cy, King of Love
  6. Lord, with What Cour­age and De­light
  7. My God and King, to Thee I Bow My Knee
  8. My Soul, There Is a Coun­try
  9. Since in a Land Not Bar­ren Still
  10. Up to Those Bright and Glad­some Hills
  11. What Needs a Con­sci­ence, Clear and Bright?
  12. When One Loud Blast Shall Rend the Deep
  13. Zion’s True Glo­ri­ous God!