Early 20th Century
  1. Are You Trusting in the Lord Today?
  2. Beautiful Hills of Glory
  3. Blind Man’s Cry, The
  4. Carry the Tidings
  5. Christian, Is Your Pathway Dreary?
  6. Great Reunion, The
  7. Guiding Hand, The
  8. Home to Glory
  9. Homeland of the Soul, The
  10. How Many in Sin
  11. I Am Clinging to the Cross
  12. It Is Jesus
  13. Leaning on Jesus Alone
  14. Let the Children Come
  15. Little While to Wait, A
  16. Marching Onward
  17. Praise Ye the Lord
  18. Shall We Meet Beyond the River?
  19. Sinner, List to a Sweet Voice Calling
  20. They Tell Me That Jesus Is Able to Save Me
  21. Walking in the Light of God
  22. We Shall Meet By and By
  23. When Gathering on the Heights
  24. When My Trials Here Are Over
  25. When the Saved of Earth
  26. Ye Sons of Men I Pray
  1. Come Home