Jack Vandall

December 28, 1896, Creston, West Virginia.

August 24, 1970, Akron, Ohio.

Mount Peace Cemetery, Akron, Ohio.


Vandall served in the Marines in World War I, and became a Christian at a 1920 camp meeting in Sebring, Ohio.

  1. After the Toil and the Heat of the Day
  2. Come as You Are
  3. He Can Save Me, Too
  4. I Am Set Free
  5. I Love Him More and More
  6. If Your Path Is Thorny
  7. In My Heart a Song Is Ringing
  8. Jesus Is Mighty, I Know He Can Save
  9. King Has Spoken, The
  10. Living in Canaan Land
  11. Long in Doubt and Fear I Wandered
  12. My Best Friend
  13. My Home, Sweet Home
  14. My Sins Are Gone
  15. Save Forevermore
  16. When I Was Wandering on Sin’s Downward Road
  17. Word of God Revealed, The
  18. So Wonderful