1831, Man­hat­tan, New York.

Ju­ly 22, 1902, Man­hat­tan, New York.

Mount Olivet Ce­me­te­ry, Mas­peth, New York. Phoe­be Knapp paid for his bur­i­al.


Van Alstyne was the hus­band of Fan­ny Cros­by (mar­ried 1858).

Like her, he was blind and taught at the New York Ins­ti­tute for the Blind. He is said to have been one of the fin­est or­gan­ists in New York.

  1. Bochum
  2. Awake, Awake, the Morn­ing Dawns
  3. Gentle Sav­ior, Yes, I Love Thee
  4. Here Is Not My Rest