De­cem­ber 5, 1855, near Dundee, Michigan.

Ju­ly 17, 1939, Temple Terrace, Tampa, Florida.

Maple Grove Ce­me­te­ry, Dundee, Michigan.

Van DeVenter attended Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, taught in the public schools for 15 years; served as Supervisor of Drawing in Sharon, Penn­syl­van­ia; and five years in Braddock, Penn­syl­van­ia. He switched to a career in evangelism around 1896, working with Wilbur Chapman and others in America and England. Toward the end of his life, he lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, then moved to Tampa, Florida, around 1923. He was professor of hymnology at the Florida Bible Institute (now Trinity Bible College) for four years.

  1. Alone in the World Are You Roaming Tonight?
  2. Boys’ Recruiting Song
  3. Bright Home of the Soul
  4. Bringing the Lost to Jesus
  5. Christ, of Galilee
  6. Climbing Eternity’s Stair
  7. Come to the Savior
  8. Cross of Calvary, The
  9. Cross of Jesus Lifts Me, The
  10. Day of Jubilee, The
  11. Dearest of All
  12. Draw Near, Fair Eden
  13. Eternity Is Near
  14. Everything, Yes, Everything
  15. Fall into Line, Boys
  16. Farewell
  17. General Roll Call, The
  18. Go Forward
  19. Happy Band Are We, A
  20. He Gave Himself for Me
  21. He Saves Me
  22. He Sought Me and Found Me
  23. He Washed My Sins Away
  24. Heart Like Thine, A
  25. Heart That Was Broken for Me, The
  26. Hide Me
  27. His Grace Is Sufficient
  28. Home, Home, for the Weary
  29. I Left Them at the Cross
  30. I Never Will Leave My Savior
  31. I Shall Soon Be Over There
  32. I Surrender All
  33. I Want to Know More
  34. If You Only Knew My Savior
  35. I’ll Live and Ne’er Grow Old
  36. Immanuel
  37. Jesus Is Coming
  38. Jesus Loves Me Still
  39. Jesus, My Savior
  40. Listen to My Story
  41. Little While with Jesus, A
  42. Looking This Way
  43. Lost, but Not Forsaken
  44. My Companion Unseen
  45. My Mother’s Prayer
  46. My Savior Is with Me
  47. Nearing the Shore
  48. Nothing but the Blood
  49. Oh! What a Resting Place!
  50. On to Victory!
  51. Onward up the Highway
  52. Papa, Shall I Look for You?
  53. Pardoned and Free
  54. Penitent’s Prayer, The
  55. Redemption
  56. Remember Your Mother’s Prayer
  57. Satisfied
  58. Saved Through Jesus’ Blood
  59. Scatter the Flowers
  60. Send the News
  61. Some Day
  62. Sometime
  63. Sometime the Veil Will Be Lifted
  64. Song of Peace
  65. Song of the Shepherds
  66. Speak a Word
  67. Sunlight
  68. Sweeping This Way
  69. Tell Me the Story
  70. There Waits a Crown Beyond the Skies
  71. We Make No Compromise
  72. We Shall Shine as the Stars
  73. We Will Go at Thy Call
  74. Whatever You Sow You Must Reap
  75. Where Jesus Died for Me