October 6, 1818, Long Island, New York.

May 20, 1883, Brooklyn, New York.

Riverhead Cemetery, Riverhead, New York.

Vail was a hatter by trade, but wrote a large number of songs for Phillip Phillips, who was the first to publish Vail’s compositions. His works include:

  1. Blessèd, Bright and Shining Star
  2. Buckley
  3. Burbank
  4. Close to Thee, Helen
  5. Gate Ajar for Me, The
  6. Guiding Hand, The
  7. I Am the Door
  8. I’m Kneeling at the Cross
  9. Lyndhurst
  10. Nothing but Leaves
  11. O Be Saved
  12. Palace of the King, The
  13. Royal Songs
  14. Scatter Seeds of Kindness
  15. Szczecin
  16. Where Is Thy Refuge?

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