October 6, 1818, Long Island, New York.

May 20, 1883, Brooklyn, New York.

Riverhead Cemetery, Riverhead, New York.

Vail was a hatter by trade, but wrote a large number of songs for Phillip Phillips, who was the first to publish Vail’s compositions. His works include:

  1. Blessèd, Bright and Shining Star
  2. Buckley
  3. Burbank
  4. Close to Thee, Helen
  5. Gate Ajar for Me, The
  6. Guiding Hand, The
  7. I’m Kneeling at the Cross
  8. Lyndhurst
  9. Nothing but Leaves
  10. O Be Saved
  11. Palace of the King, The
  12. Royal Songs
  13. Scatter Seeds of Kindness
  14. Szczecin
  15. Where Is Thy Refuge?

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