1880, Marlin, Texas.

Fairview Cemetery, Winters, Texas.

Ussery was associated with Franklin Eiland and the Eiland Music Company of Waco, Texas. He spent his life writing songs, teaching music, and leading singing in rural churches.

  1. All Praise and Adoration Be
  2. Are You Heavy Laden, Groping in Despair?
  3. Come, Let Us Sing the Sweet Story
  4. Come, Let Us Sing to Jesus
  5. Dear Sinner, There Stands at the Door
  6. Door of Hope Stands Ajar, The
  7. Gather the Sheaves of Bright Beautiful Grain
  8. Glory Bound
  9. Go Seek the Wanderers in Sin and Shame
  10. Harvest Is Wasting, My Brother, The
  11. He Banished All My Sorrow
  12. Hear the Tramp, Tramp, Tramp of the Army
  13. Heaven, Beholding Earth’s Ruined Condition
  14. Hosts of Righteousness, The
  15. I Am Coming to Thee, Blessed Savior
  16. I Am So Wondrously Saved at Last
  17. I Am Thine, O Lord of Glory
  18. I Have a Dear Savior in Realms Far Above
  19. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  20. I Know That My Savior Cares for Me
  21. I Look to That City Whose Builder
  22. If You Would Banish All Sorrow and Care
  23. I’m Happy Since My Sins Have All
  24. In the Full Possession of My Savior’s Love
  25. In the Golden Sunlight of My Savior’s Smile
  26. In the Great and Final Morning
  27. Is Thy Heart Burdened and Sad?
  28. It Was His Love for Me
  29. Jesus Has Borne All Our Sorrows Away
  30. Keep Me All the Way, Dear Savior
  31. Love Shines Within My Soul Today
  32. O Come, Dear Sinner, to the Fold
  33. O Do Not Forget Your Savior
  34. O My Soul Is Singing
  35. O Precious Fountain, I Am Cleansed from Sin
  36. O Tenderly Jesus Is Pleading Today
  37. O Would You Be a Blessing True?
  38. Onward March, the King Commands You
  39. Open Wide the Windows of Your Soul
  40. Out On Judea’s Plain
  41. Peace to Which My Soul Doth Cling, The
  42. Pressing the Battle in Jesus’ Name
  43. Shall I Forget My Savior’s Love?
  44. Since I Heard My Savior’s Voice
  45. Sinner, View the Dying Nazarene
  46. Some Day the Lurid Clouds Will Break
  47. Somewhere, in Regions Far Away
  48. Sweet Is the Call from the Savior Above
  49. Swiftly Life’s Days Are Passing Away
  50. Take Your Stand for Jesus
  51. That Day of Great Rejoicing, Is Coming
  52. There’ll Come a Time Some Glad, Sweet Day
  53. There’s a Home of Bliss Eternal
  54. There’s a Joy for Every Sorrow
  55. There’s a Mighty Army Marching Through the Land
  56. There’s a Rock of Refuge for the Weary
  57. There’s Coming a Day, a Wonderful Day
  58. Though Sin Had Bound Me Like a Fetter
  59. Though You’re Drifting Adown the Great Current
  60. To That Clime of Endless Day
  61. Today the Loving Savior Calls
  62. Victory Is Our Battle Cry
  63. Wandering Sinner, Today
  64. Was Ever a Friend So True as Jesus?
  65. We Are Drifting o’er Life’s Ocean
  66. We Shall Stand in Robes of White
  67. We’re a Band of Christian
  68. What Will Be Your Soul’s Possession?
  69. When I Was Wandering Sad and Alone
  70. When Love’s Golden Sunlight Beams
  71. When the Sowing Time Is Over
  72. When We Reach the Shores Eternal
  73. Why Should You Fear?
  74. Would You Know That Bliss of Pardon?