1874, Pennsylvania.

1950, Londonderry, Pennsylvania.

Middletown Cemetery, Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Kate married Benjamin E. Ulmer around 1896 in Pennsylvania. Her maiden name may have been Weaver. She lived in Middletown from at least 1900 through 1940.

  1. All Glory Be to Jesus’ Name
  2. All the Children, Little Children
  3. Are You Ready for the Conflict?
  4. Are You Shining for Jesus?
  5. Are You Walking in the Sunlight?
  6. At the Cross I Found My Savior
  7. Be a Light for Jesus
  8. Bearing Fruit for Jesus
  9. Beautiful Roses Daintily Fair
  10. Beautiful Summer Days So Bright, The
  11. Before Thy Mercy Seat We Bow
  12. Blessed Peace That Jesus
  13. Child of God, Oh, Hear Him Saying
  14. Children Are the Lambs
  15. Claim the Promise
  16. Closer Lord, O, Closer Draw Me
  17. Each Shining Little Sunbeam
  18. Easter Bells Are Ringing, The
  19. Every Star So Brightly
  20. Far Out on the Mountain
  21. Forever I Will Bless
  22. Freely in Beauty
  23. Give Glory to Jesus
  24. God Made This Great Round World So Fair
  25. God with Us
  26. Golden Light Is Streaming
  27. Hallelujah, Jesus Hath Carried My Sorrows
  28. Hark, O Hark, a Call for Workers
  29. Hark, O Hark the Joyful Chorus
  30. Hark, the Master Calls to Thee
  31. Hark! the Swelling Song
  32. Hark, the Voice of Jesus Calling to the Fray
  33. Hark, Through the Night Ring Strains
  34. Have You Joined the Royal Army?
  35. Hear, O Hear the Joyful Chorus
  36. Hear the Bells of Christmas
  37. Hear the Loving Savior Calling
  38. Heav’nly Father, Hear Us
  39. His Grace Aboundeth More
  40. How Dark the Hours and Dreary
  41. How Gloomy, Dark and Dreary
  42. How Shall I Tell the Matchless Love?
  43. How Sweet Amid the Perils
  44. How We Love the Christmas Tree
  45. I Fear Not the Clouds
  46. I Have Found a Place of Refuge
  47. I Know of a Story More Precious Than Gold
  48. I Want to Be Like Jesus
  49. If Christ’s Disciples We Would Be
  50. I’m Walking with Jesus
  51. In God’s Fair Garden Planted
  52. In Sin I Once Had Wandered
  53. In the Master’s Vineyard
  54. In the Mighty Conflict
  55. In the Name of Jesus
  56. In This World, Where Sin Is So Appalling
  57. Is Jesus Precious?
  58. Jesus Calls the Little Ones
  59. Jesus Hears Me When I Pray
  60. Jesus Is Calling for Workers Today
  61. Jesus Is Our Dearest Friend
  62. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  63. Jesus, Master, At Thy Feet
  64. Jesus Our Lord High Over
  65. Jesus Our Loving Redeemer
  66. Jesus Our Savior, Fill Us with Thy Love
  67. Jesus, Precious Savior
  68. Let Us All Together Stand
  69. Linger Never in the Valley
  70. List, List to the Savior’s Voice
  71. Little Lights for Jesus
  72. Little Seed So Dark and Round
  73. Lo a Burst of Glory
  74. Long Ago a Shining Throng
  75. Lord Jesus, Bless Our Offering
  76. Many Little Children Far Away
  77. Master Said Come Learn of Me, The
  78. Mercy Is Free, Wondrous News from Above
  79. Merry, Merry Christmas
  80. Missionaries We May Be
  81. My Feet Should Walk the Narrow
  82. My Heart Overfloweth
  83. My Savior Died That I Might Live
  84. My Soul from Bonds of Sin
  85. Now My Sins Are Washed
  86. O Dark Was the Long, Weary Night
  87. O Hear the Merry, Merry Rain
  88. O How We Love to Sing
  89. O Hungry Soul, to Jesus Flee
  90. O, Let Us as Again We Meet
  91. O Let Us Sing in Joyful Lay
  92. O My Savior, Thou Art Precious!
  93. O Radiant Star
  94. O Sweet Is the Story
  95. O Tell Me the Story of Jesus
  96. O the Presence of My Savior
  97. O ’Tis Sweet to Know That Jesus
  98. O ’Tis Sweet to Rest My Soul
  99. O Weary One, Wandering in Darkness
  100. Onward, Like a Mighty River
  101. Over Hill and Valley Ring the Blossom Bells
  102. Peace of God My Glad Heart Thrills, The
  103. Pennies We Are Bringing
  104. Precious Savior, How I Need Thee
  105. Redeemed, O Wondrous Story!
  106. Ringing from the Mountain Floating o’er the Plain
  107. Saved for a Purpose
  108. Savior, I Have Heard Thee Whisper
  109. Savior, Dear Savior, All Praise to Thy Name
  110. Savior, We Pray Thee
  111. Sea of Life Rolls Gently On, The
  112. Shining Little Candles, Burning
  113. Songs of Joy Echoing Sweet and Clear
  114. Songs of Rejoicing Flowing Unceasing
  115. Source of All Blessing
  116. Step by Step
  117. Such a Wonderful Redeemer
  118. Suffer Little Children
  119. Sunday-School Army Is Marching Along, The
  120. Sunlight Is Flowing in Fullness Today
  121. Sunny June Has Come Again
  122. Sweet Is the Message
  123. Sweetest Lessons Faith May Gather
  124. Take the Cross, Shrink Not, Nor Falter
  125. Teach Me, O, Thou Holy Spirit
  126. Vineyard of the Lord Is Great, The
  127. There’s a Beautiful City by Angel Feet Trod
  128. There’s a Blessed Day Coming
  129. There’s a Glorious Work to Do
  130. There’s a Land of Wondrous Beauty
  131. These Little Hands Belong to Jesus
  132. Thro’ the Golden Sunlit Air
  133. Through the Clouds That Hover o’er Us
  134. To Thee We Lift Our Joyful Voices
  135. To Thy Heart, Dear Master, Take Me
  136. Upward, Ever Upward to the Promised Land
  137. Use Gentle Words and Actions
  138. Wake, O Earth, from Slumber
  139. Walking as My Savior Leadeth
  140. We Are Happy Little Pilgrims
  141. We Are Happy Little Workers
  142. We Are Loyal Soldiers
  143. We Are Marching on to the Land of Love
  144. We Are Pilgrims, We Are Strangers
  145. We Are Soldiers in the Army
  146. We Are Soldiers of the King
  147. We Have Blessed News to Bring
  148. We Have Broken the Chain
  149. We Lift Our Hearts, Lord
  150. We Walk by Faith and Not by Sight
  151. Weary Soul, Thy Savior Died
  152. We’re a Happy Pilgrim Band
  153. We’re Growing Up for Jesus
  154. We’ve a Glorious Hope to Cheer Us
  155. When Jesus Lived Upon
  156. When Life’s Stormy Billows
  157. When Life’s Trials All Are O’er
  158. When My Heart Is Heavy Laden
  159. When the Heart Is Distressed
  160. When the Storms of Life Are Over
  161. When Wearied with Toiling
  162. Where Our Captain Leads Us
  163. Where Shall I Flee for Refuge?
  164. While My Trust Is Stayed on Jesus
  165. With Happy Hearts and Joyful Song
  166. Would Keep in Touch with Jesus Every Day
  167. Ye People of the Living God