May 4, 1835, Nottingham, England.

October 25, 1907, St. Giles, England.

Highgate Cemetery, London, England.


Son of lace maker James Turpin, Edmund studied under Charles Noble at St. Mary’s Church in Nottingham, and John P. Hullah and Ernst Pauer in London. He played the organ at St. Barnabas (R.C.), Nottingham (1850–64); St. George’s, Bloomsbury (1869–88); and St. Bride’s, Fleet Street (1888). He gave his first public recital at the Great Exhibition of 1851, received his Lambeth DMus in 1889, became Warden of Trinity College of Music in 1892, and served as Honorary Secretary of the Royal College of Organists (1875–1907). In 1891 and 1901, he was listed as a Professor of Music.

  1. Argyle
  2. Clifton
  3. Mansfield