Late 19th Century
Mrs. R. N. Turner

Fronie’s husband was R. N. Turner, a Protestant Episcopal pastor. She or they may have lived in Warren, Rhode island, at one time.

  1. All Glory Attend Thee
  2. All Hail, Sweet Day of Rest
  3. All Hail to the Prince of Life
  4. Are You Building Your Foundation?
  5. Are You Weary of the Fetters?
  6. Awake, Arise, the Morn Is Bright
  7. Awake, My Soul, Thy Sacred Song
  8. Awake to the Conflict, Awake
  9. Behold the Mighty King Rides On
  10. Bright the Summer Sun Is Shining
  11. Brighter Than the Sunlight
  12. Christ Is Calling Us to Action
  13. Christmas Carol
  14. Come All Who Love the Lord Indeed
  15. Come and Labor for the Master
  16. Come Sing to His Glory
  17. Dear Friends and Brothers All
  18. Dear Lord, May I Come
  19. Early in the Morning
  20. Every Little Kindly Deed
  21. Fair Autumn Sits Lightly
  22. Forward Moves the Army
  23. Gates Ajar
  24. Gather Up the Blossoms
  25. Gathering ’Round the Banner
  26. God of Our Fatherland
  27. Happy Day of Joy, Returning
  28. Hark, the Carols from the Sky
  29. Hark, the Church of Christ Is Calling
  30. Hark, We Hear the Tidings Ring
  31. Have You Fallen in Life’s Struggle?
  32. He Calleth Little Children Forth
  33. He Leadeth Me, I Need Not Fear
  34. Heavenly Gates Are Opened Wide
  35. Herald Is Calling, The
  36. Holy Comforter, Draw Near
  37. Holy Spirit, Still Descending
  38. How Blest Was the Life Once Lived upon Earth
  39. How Bright the Hour
  40. How Firm on the Hills
  41. How Sweet Is the Hour of Communion
  42. How Sweet Is the Thought of Our God
  43. I Hail the Day of Sacred Joy
  44. I Know Not Whether in Dreams of Night
  45. I Open Wide My Door Beloved
  46. I Was a Wanderer Once from Home
  47. I Was Wandering Once Afar
  48. If We Kept Aloft in Beauty
  49. In the Battlefield of Life
  50. In the Blessed Fold
  51. In the Early Morning We Will Sow
  52. In the Hush of Early Morning
  53. In the Pastures Green and Shady
  54. Is There Room for All?
  55. Jesus Calls You to His Kingdom
  56. Jesus, Dear and Hallowed Name
  57. Let Us Now with Voice Uplifted
  58. Lift Up, My Soul, Thy Praises
  59. Light of Truth So Brightly Shining
  60. Listen to the Joyous
  61. Looking unto Jesus, As He Leads
  62. Lord’s Day Dawns Once More, The
  63. Loud Let Our Praises Ring
  64. Love Immortal
  65. Love of Christ, So Wonderful and Holy, The
  66. Loving Savior Said to Those, The
  67. Low at Thy Footstool
  68. More of Thee, Savior, I Need
  69. Mother, Will the Angels Keep Me?
  70. My Savior Hath Loved Me
  71. Now in a Song of Thanksgiving
  72. Now o’er All the Glad Earth Breaking
  73. Now with Heart and Voice Uplifted
  74. O, All Is Beautiful in Heaven
  75. O Beautiful Bethlehem, Home of the Lord
  76. O Come, Let Us Sing
  77. O Could I, Father, Comprehend
  78. O Day of God, How Sweet
  79. O Day of Resurrection
  80. O Father, unto Thee Alone
  81. O God of Our Fathers
  82. O God, When at Thy Judgment Throne
  83. O Happy and Glad Are the Days of Spring
  84. O Hark, the Sweet Echoes
  85. O Lift Up Your Hearts, for He Cometh
  86. O List to the Songs That Are Swelling
  87. O Lord of the Harvest
  88. O Sweet Were the Words of the Master
  89. O Thou Supreme in Might
  90. O Thou Who Dwelleth in the Sky
  91. O Thou Who in Goodness Created
  92. O Wake, for the Day Is Palling
  93. O Wake the Glad Song
  94. O Wake the Loud Anthem
  95. O Welcome Sweet Hour of Devotion
  96. O What Blessed Words
  97. O When Shall the Children
  98. O Why Dost Thou Linger So Long?
  99. Once More with Joy and Gladness
  100. Once More, with Songs of Rapture
  101. Only in the Cross of Jesus
  102. Onward, Ever Onward
  103. Open Thou Mine Eyes
  104. Our Festive Day Returning
  105. Our Hearts Look Up in Love
  106. Our Parting Song of Praise and Love
  107. Over the Bridge, the Mystical Bridge
  108. Pilgrim, Linger Not Nor Stay
  109. Praise God on the Throne of His Power
  110. Praise to Thee, Mighty One
  111. Rejoice in the Lord Alway
  112. Revive, O Lord, Our Waiting Souls
  113. Ring Out the Glad Tidings of Glory
  114. Savior, When to Thee I Flee
  115. Send the Glad Tidings Forth
  116. Sing the Sweet Praises of Jesus
  117. Soldiers of the Cross
  118. Son of God, Eternal One
  119. Songs of Praise Awoke
  120. Strains of Music Rising
  121. Sweet Day of the Lord
  122. There Are Thousands Waiting
  123. There’s a Harvest We Are Gathering
  124. There’s a Voice Calling From Far
  125. There’s a Voice That Is Calling
  126. There’s Joy for the Comfortless Heart
  127. There’s Victory in Jesus
  128. Though Thy Mercies on Me Fall
  129. ’Twas on That Sad, Eventful
  130. Up to Thy Throne, O Father Above
  131. Upward, Through the Mists of Morning
  132. Very Early in the Morn
  133. Wake, O Wake, the Bridegroom Calleth
  134. Wake Once More the Song Triumphant
  135. Wake the Glad Echoes
  136. Wayside Flower Receives the Air, The
  137. We Are Fighting for Our Freedom
  138. We Are Gathering Round the Banner
  139. We Are Marching Gladly Onward
  140. We Are Marching, Marching Onward
  141. We Are Passing Swiftly
  142. We Are Sailing on Life’s Ocean
  143. We Hail with All Gladness
  144. We Have Met to Sing Thy Praises
  145. What Love Hath the Father
  146. When God Created Man
  147. When I Reflect on All the Good
  148. When the Savior We Love Was on Earth
  149. When Weary and Worn with the Conflict of Life
  150. Where Flowers of Joy Are Springing
  151. Who Is This That Cometh Strong in Might?
  152. Who Is This That Waiteth?
  153. Who Will Join the Noble Army?
  154. Why Stand Ye Here So Idle?
  155. Word There Is, Divine, A
  156. Ye Who Love the Blessed