September 10, 1809, Whitburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland.

November 20, 1877, Hartford, Connecticut.

Spring Grove Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.

Turnbull attended the University of Glasgow, and the theological lectures of Dr. Chalmers at Edinburgh. After completing his studies, he preached in Westmancote, Worcestershire, England, for a year and a half.

In 1833, he emigrated to America, and accepted the pastorate of the Second Baptist Church in Danbury, Connecticut. Two years later, he became pastor of the First Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. He stayed there two years, then moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where he was pastor of the First Baptist Church until 1869.

After leaving the pastorate, he continued to preach and promote church work. In 1872, he was elected corresponding secretary to the Connecticut Baptist Convention. Up to the time of his last illness, he devoted himself to the interest of smaller churches in the state. Madison University awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1851.

He edited Sir William Hamilton’s Discussion on Philosophy, and for two years was associated with Dr. J. N. Murdock as editor of the Christian Review. He also contributed to the Bibliotheca Sacra and various literary magazines. His works include:

  1. Come to the Place of Prayer
  2. Sinners Are Bending
  3. There Is a Place of Waveless Rest
    • There Is a Place of Sacred Rest

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