August 5, 1869, Bolton, Connecticut.

May 20, 1950, Ocean Grove, New Jersey.

Restland Memorial Park, East Hanover, New Jersey.


Tullar was named after the American president and vice-president, Ulysses S. Grant & Schuyler Colfax. His father was unable to work, having been wounded in the American civil war Battle of Antietam. So, after Tullar’s mother died when he was two years old, the family split up. Grant had no settled home after that day until he became an adult.

As a child, he worked in a woolen mill and as a shoe clerk, and received virtually no education or religious training. He came to Christ at age 19 at a camp meeting near Waterbury, Connecticut. He then attended the Hackettstown Academy in New Jersey. Ordained a Methodist minister, he pastored for a short time in Dover, Delaware, then became a full time evangelist. In 1893, he and Isaac Meredith founded the Tullar-Meredith music publishing house in New York. His works include:

  1. Afar from the Old Paths Which Once I Trod
  2. After Days of Toil Are Ended
  3. All Along Your Pathway
  4. All My Life in Service I Would Give
  5. All Unworthy Though I Be
  6. Angels’ Sweet Refrain, The
  7. Approved of God, a Workman
  8. As Falleth the Rain
  9. Awake, Awake O Sleeper
  10. Beautiful Lily Blossoms
  11. Beauty for Ashes
  12. Beneath the Cross of Jesus
  13. Bless the Little Children
  14. Brightly I Shine for Jesus
  15. Christ Is King, Let Every Heart Proclaim
  16. Christ Is Our Captain, Sin Our Foe
  17. Come We Now with Joyfulness
  18. Cost Is But a Trifle, The
  19. Dark Is the Way Which I Am Called to Tread
  20. Day May Oft Be Clouded, The
  21. Do Not Count the Battle Lost, My Brother
  22. Don’t You Hear the Savior’s Voice So Sweetly Calling?
  23. First Christmas Song, The
  24. For God So Loved, ’Tis Written
  25. For Our Blessed Lord’s Appearing
  26. Forth to the Fields Away
  27. From Bozrah in Garments Dyed Crimson
  28. Gathering Sheaves for the Master
  29. Give Him His Rightful Place
  30. Glorious Invitation Now Calls You, A
  31. God Made the Earth, the Sea, and Sky
  32. Good Old Days Which Once We Knew, The
  33. Hallelujah, Christ Is Risen
  34. Happy Band of Reapers, A
  35. Happy Days of Youth Are Swiftly Passing, The
  36. He Came as a Stranger, and Lowly His Lot
  37. He Came to Earth a Stranger
  38. He Clothed the Fair Lily
  39. Heavy in Heart and Sad
  40. Hold Thou My Hand in Thine Dear Lord
  41. How Many Hours of Anguish Spent
  42. How Sweet the Thought That We
  43. I Am Happy, O So Happy as I Journey on My Way
  44. I Dream a Thousand Blessed Dreams
  45. I Need Thee, O My Savior
  46. I Shall See My Lord in the Morning
  47. I Wander Back in Memory
  48. I Wandered in the Darkness
  49. I Want to Know More About Jesus, the Lamb
  50. I Will Lift My Heart in Praise
  51. I Wonder If There’s Someone
  52. If Ye Then with Christ Be Risen
  53. I’ll Have a Home in Heaven
  54. I’m a Child of God
  55. In His Steps I Follow as I Go
  56. In My Heart There Rings a Song of Gladness
  57. In Service for the King of Kings
  58. In Service for the Master
  59. In the Garden They Laid Him
  60. It Matters Not How Rough the Way
  61. It Matters Not Where We May Roam
  62. It Was Jacob of Old Who Had Promised
  63. I Have Found a Friend O Such a Friend
  64. I’ve Heard the King
  65. Jesus Died on the Cross
  66. Jesus Is a Friend Indeed
  67. Jesus Is Coming to Earth Once Again
  68. Jesus Is Precious
  69. Jesus Spake But a Word to the Man
  70. Joy and Sorrow I May Share
  71. Joy Dispels Our Sorrow
  72. Just a Look Within the Portals
  73. King of Kings Has Chosen Me, The
  74. Lift Up Thine Eyes O Soul Oppressed
  75. Like unto Jesus I Would Be
  76. Lord, in Thy Mercy, Lend Ear to My Plea
  77. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  78. Love of Christ Within Me Burns, The
  79. Love So Abundant
  80. Morn of Life
  81. Music Now Is Sounding Everywhere
  82. My Soul Was Left Alone with God
  83. My Soul Was Sick, By Sin Oppressed
  84. Naught Have I to Make My Plea
  85. Nearer, Draw Nearer, O Savior Divine
  86. Never Mind the Clouds
  87. Never Was There Such a Savior
  88. Not from the Conflict, Lord
  89. O God, My Heart Is Fixed
  90. O Help Me Lord to Walk with Thee
  91. O Holy Bible
  92. O Matchless Love Hath
  93. O That the Master Would Send Us
  94. O the World Finds a Charm
  95. O to Be More Like Jesus
  96. O’er a Trackless Sea I’m Sailing
  97. O, Fainting Soul, By Sin Oppressed
  98. O I Have a Mansion
  99. On the Pathway as You Journey
  100. Out of My Sin and Its Bondage
  101. Outside the Door of Your Heart There Awaits
  102. Over Bethl’em’s Hillside Beamed a Glorious Star
  103. Quit You Like Men
  104. Praises We Sing of Jesus, The
  105. Pretty Golden Buttercups
  106. Put on Thine Armor, the Foe Is Near
  107. Refuge in Jesus I’ve Found, A
  108. Resurrection Morn So Fair
  109. Ring, Joybells, Ring
  110. Ring On, Ye Bells
  111. Set Apart from All
  112. Shadows May Gather Around Me
  113. Since I’ve Found the Blessed Savior
  114. Smile and Sing
  115. Sorrow May Come to Me
  116. Spirit and Bride Say Come, The
  117. Starless Crown, A
  118. Stars Shine Over the Earth, The
  119. Suffer Now the Little Children
  120. Sweetest Name on Mortal Tongue Is Jesus, The
  121. Teach Me, Father, By Thy Spirit
  122. Tell It Out in Joyful Song
  123. Thank God, Thank God for the Deep Blue Sea
  124. There Are Three Hundred Days
  125. There Is a Name So Very Dear to Me
  126. There Is Comfort in My Soul
  127. There Is No Doubt But That His Way Is Always Best
  128. There Is Now a Fountain Opened
  129. There Sounds a Call
  130. There’s a Constant Source of Help
  131. There’s a Friend Who Will Never Forsake Me
  132. There’s a Happy Day to Come
  133. There’s a Wondrous Land So Bright and Fair
  134. Think About God in Life’s Morning
  135. Thou Great Redeemer of Mankind
  136. Though I’m But a Pilgrim, My Fortune Is Great
  137. Though Mine Eyes Have Never Seen Him
  138. Though Red Like Scarlet, Thy Sins Yet May Be
  139. Through a Wilderness We Journey
  140. Through God’s Wondrous Grace
  141. Through Life’s Morning
  142. Through the Cross on a Hill Jesus Suffered
  143. Thy Peace O Lord, to Ev’ry Heart
  144. ’Tis Hard for Us All
  145. To His Service Jesus Calls
  146. To Jesus My Savior, Though Lost and Undone
  147. To Jesus’ Name All Glory Be
  148. Today in My Heart There Is Gladness
  149. ’Twas Jesus Who, for All Mankind
  150. Up from the Grave in Triumph
  151. Wake, Sweetest Strain
  152. Wake the Song! Wake the Song!
  153. Was It for Me Through God’s
  154. Watching at the Gate
  155. We Are a Band of Workers
  156. We Come Before Thee
  157. We Must Part, But We Shall Meet Some Glad Tomorrow
  158. We Will Follow Jesus
  159. We Would See Jesus; for the Shadows Lengthen
  160. We’re a Happy Little Band
  161. What a Shout in the Skies There Will Be
  162. When the Blessed Master
  163. When the World Was Lost in Sin and Sorrow
  164. Where Dwell the Sad and Weary
  165. Whither Shall I from Thy Presence Ever Flee
  166. Within His Word He Tells Me
  167. Wonderful, Counselor!
  168. Wonderful Is the Savior, Hear the Angels Sing
  169. Yielding My All to the Service of Jesus
  170. You Ask Me What I Think of Jesus
  171. You May Help a Load to Lighten
  1. Acropolis
  2. All the World for Jesus
  3. Conqueror, The
  4. Face to Face
  5. Forward!
  6. He Did Not Die in Vain
  7. Keep Your Heart in Love with Jesus
  8. Life Is a Friendly Road
  9. Lord of the Harvest, The
  10. Manger-Babe, The
  11. Nailed to the Cross
  12. Our Best
  13. Over Bethl’em’s Hillside
  14. Raise the Song
  15. Ring On, Ye Bells
  16. Skies Will Soon Be Blue
  17. There’s a Beautiful City
  18. Waking Out of Silence