Arthur Dyke Acland

May 3, 1811, Killerton (near Exeter), England.

June 19, 1857, Bridehead, England.

Second son of Sir Thom­as Dyke Ac­land, Troyte was educated at Har­row and Christ Church, Ox­ford (BA 1832). He changed his surname from Ac­land to Troyte in 1852, as part of the legal conditions when he inherited the estate of a relative, Rev. Ed­ward Ber­ke­ley Troyte. He studied law, and had an interest in science. He wrote chants and tunes for the 1857 Sal­is­bu­ry Hymn Book.

In Ire­land and the United Kingdom, Troyte is perhaps best remembered as the composer of the chant used as a setting of the Sunset Poem or Rev. Eli Jen­kins’ Prayer, from Dyl­an Thomas’ radio drama and stage play Under Milk Wood.

  1. Bridehead